We accept vendors by invitation only. If, however, you are interested in becoming a vendor, you may send us an email at vendors(AT)ihmconference.org and let us know more about your organization or products. Before requesting an invitation, it would be helpful for you to be familiar with the vendor guidelines we use when selecting vendors.

Vendor Guidelines

1) Vendor organizations should be specifically Catholic. Rare exceptions are made for completely secular organizations whose products in no way conflict with the Catholic Faith. Typically, when these rare exceptions are made, it is for something like a math program or children’s toys.

2) Vendor organizations should be related to homeschooling in some direct way. This guideline excludes vendors that are traditional brick and mortar schools, homeschool/school hybrids, parent-run weekly co-ops, or tutoring services which occur outside of the home. It also excludes more general Catholic apostolates such as pro-life organizations or religious orders. While these organizations may indeed be excellent, we try to keep a very narrow focus to preserve the strong homeschooling character of our conferences.

3) In an effort to balance the number of vendors with a conference’s attendance to ensure a good experience for all, we will limit the number of vendors selling the same exact homeschooling products, or the same kind of non-homeschooling products. At a large conference like our National Conference, this typically means no more than three vendors selling the same product lines. At smaller conferences, even two might be too many.

4) Vendors must have more than one single product. This guideline excludes authors who have only published a single work from having a table by themselves. In some cases, we may permit single-product vendors to work with another established vendor to sell their product.

There is one universal exception to all of these guidelines, and that is for speakers. We allow our speakers to have a vendor table even if their organization would otherwise not conform to the above guidelines.

A lack of available space is often an issue at conferences, so in some cases, even if a vendor meets all of the other criteria, we still might not be able to extend an invitation.