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Mrs. Terry Arnold is a homeschool leader from Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Houston and has been married to her husband Calvin for over 30 years. Since 1991, she has been homeschooling her five children, two of whom have gone on to receive impressive college scholarships.

From 2003 to 2011, Terry served as the chairwoman of the Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (ARCH) Support Group. Additionally, she acted as the conference coordinator for Houston’s annual Catholic homeschooling conference held at the University of St. Thomas. She has been pro-active in homeschooling–helping to start the Texas Home Education Partnership, running a homeschooling bookstore, and co-hosting the radio program Homeschool Lifeline.

A founding sponsor for the first homeschooled chapter of the American Red Cross Youth Chapter, Terry was awarded the American Red Cross Youth Sponsor of the Year Award (2008-2009). She is a founding member of the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children. Currently, Mrs. Arnold is the founder and a full-time volunteer at The IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) Network Foundation.

2016 Speaking Circuit

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