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Thursday, June 8, 2017
12:00pm to 6:00pm

Friday, June 9, 2017
9:30am to 3:30pm


St. Lawrence Catholic Church
Higgins Hall
5225 N. Himes Road
Tampa, FL 33614

Dale Ahlquist

Dale Ahlquist is President of the American Chesterton Society, host of the EWTN series “G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense.” and Publisher of Gilbert Magazine. He has written two books on Cheseterton, edited three more, and is the Associate Editor of the Collected Works of Chesterton for ignatius Press…

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Mrs. Colleen Hammond

Mrs. Colleen Hammond is the author of Dressing with Dignity, and was a former On-Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel, a model, actress and Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager. Colleen lived the “American Dream” and found it to be a nightmare! While working in television, she reverted to the Catholic Faith…

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Mrs. Tara Brelinsky

Mrs. Tara Brelinsky is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8 living children, with 6 more heavenly ones. Married to her childhood sweetheart for over 20 years, they make their home in North Carolina where they teach Natural Family Planning, grow a garden, raise two dogs, a hamster, ducks, roosters and a flock of hens (in addition to all those wonderful kids)….

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Fr. Edwin Palka

Father Edwin Palka was born in Michigan, but his family moved down to Florida when he was a child. He grew up in the Orlando Diocese but came to Tampa when he was in college and received his undergraduate degree at USF. He entered the seminary several years later. Fr. Palka was ordained for the Diocese of St. Petersburg…

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Cheryl Hernandez

Mrs. Cheryl Hernandez is a stay-at-home mother, happily married to her husband of thirty years. They have nine chidlren (seven girls and two boys) and have been homeschooling for twenty-one years. Their four oldest are Seton graduates, with the fifth graduating this June and beginning the University of Dallas in the fall…

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Aquinas Learning

Aquinas Learning is a Catholic, classical education mentoring program which guides students toward wisdom and virtue. Students meet once a week for a class day with their mentors and peers and, using materials and online support that we provide, continue the curriculum with their parents and siblings at home.

Catholic Schoolhouse

Catholic Schoolhouse is designed to help homeschool families enrich their educational experience through a flexible approach to learning inspired by classical elements. Using the Catholic Schoolhouse materials or joining a local CSH chapter can help bring structure and cohesiveness to your entire homeschool experience and will bless your family.

Colleen Hammond

EWTN Global Catholic Network

EWTN, the world’s largest religious media network, airs family and religious programming from a Catholic viewpoint through television, radio, and the internet. EWTN offers talk shows, children’s animation, live coverage of church events, and documentaries, all consistent with the Magisterium, and in English and Spanish. EWTN also publishes the National Catholic Register bi-weekly.

Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections is a Catholic online curriculum provider, bringing the best Catholic instructors to you from around the world. Answering Blessed John Paul II’s call to the New Evangelization, Homeschool Connections uses the latest technology to give you live, interactive classes; independent-learning classes; free webinars for Catholic parents; and the Catholic History Video Project.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Since 1983 HSLDA have been pioneers in the homeschooling movement, and they are still fighting for homeschoolers today. They are the only organization that lobbies on behalf of homeschoolers in Washington D.C. and are a bastion of support, not just providing legal, but also practical, everyday support for 85,000 homeschooling families across the country.

John Paul Too Catholic Books and Gifts

John Paul Too Catholic Books and Gifts offers a large selection of childrens books that are all Catholic. We also carry Catholic parenting books, bibles, holy cards, rosaries, prayer books, first communion and confirmation items.

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Our mission is to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith. We do so by providing CDs, books and video-based study programs for individuals and parishes to grow in their faith. We have a web-based subscription program, FORMED, for parishes including movies, audio talks, downloadable books and video based study programs available to everyone right in their own homes on their own internet devices. Spanish and children’s content included. Stop by the table and see!

Northeast Catholic College

Northeast Catholic College is a residential Catholic liberal arts college in New Hampshire. The College seeks through the rigorous study and discussion of primary texts through its “Great Books” liberal arts program—and through its vibrantly Catholic student life, to call students to the lifelong pursuit of intellectual and moral virtue.

Pauline Books and Media

The Daughters of St. Paul are an international congregation of women religious who carry out the apostolate of evangelization using the means of communication. We dedicate our lives to bringing the Gospel of hope to people yearning for God’s love, providing them with many different avenues to encounter the Living God.

RC History

Connecting with history is the only Catholic classical, chronological program based on using real books and active learning to discover the truth of history together as a family. RC History believes that history is essential to understanding the Catholic Faith, and the Catholic Faith is essential to understanding true history.

Seton Home Study School

Seton is a full-service Catholic curriculum provider and the largest publisher of Catholic textbooks in the English language. Serving over 15,000 enrolled students, Seton assists families by providing books, lesson plans, grading services, counseling services, and a wealth of online resources. At the conference, we are offering a $30 per child discount on enrollment (grades 1-12).

Teaching Textbooks

Math curriculum specifically designed for Homeschoolers. Math 3 through Pre-Calculus. Teaching Textbooks is approved by Seton Home Study School as a replacement math curriculum for Saxon Math.

Thursday, June 8

12:00pm – Registration/Vendor Area Opens

12:45pm – 1:30pm

Life Skills After Homeschool

Colleen Hammond

Sometimes we are so focused on academics that we forget about sharing the core life skills that will supplement our children’s education. Learn the top skills our children need to deal effectively with everyday life challenges—whether at college, work, or in their personal lives.

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Making a Good Confession: More Than an Examination of Conscience

Fr. Edwin Palka

When teaching your children how to make a good Confession, pulling out an Examination of Conscience seems like the logical first step. Often, though, the only other step taken is teaching the Act of Contrition. But what about prayer before and after? Preparation prayers before and Thanksgiving prayers after Confession can–and should–be essential aspects of making the best Confession.

3:15pm – 4:00pm

Shielding Your Family Against Homeschool Envy

Tara Brelinsky

Weighed against your nephew’s perfect test scores and your sister’s immaculate house, your homeschooling household may leave you feeling less than successful. But God’s blessings are there in the midst of the chaos and dirty dishes.


4:30pm – 5:15pm

How to Think

Dale Ahlquist

Thinking is actually a skill, a skill that is no longer taught. However, it is a vital skill. For as G. K. Chesterton says, “If you think wrong, you go wrong.”

6:00pm – Day Ends

Friday, June 9

9:30am – Registration

10:00am – 10:45am

Finding God’s Fingerprints on Your Dirty Windows

Tara Brelinsky

Staring out my window, the beauty of the view seems obscured by the dozen little smudgy fingerprints on my glass. But what if those smudges are really there to help me look more closely at the wonder inside my home? What if God planted those tiny prints to remind me that whenever we serve one another in our daily duties (e.g. schooling, housework) we are serving Him.


10:00am – 11:15am – 12:00pm

Order: The Key to Successful Homeschooling and Family Life

Cheryl Hernandez

This talk shows us how having order in your life will actually multiply your time, allowing you to teach more effectively and manage your home more efficiently. With order, you can meet the calling God has given you to homeschool and to raise a family for His glory.

12:00pm – Vendor Sales/Lunch Break

1:15pm – 2:00pm

The Basic Brick for Buildling a Civilization

Dale Ahlquist

The reason we defend the family is that it is the basic unit of society. When the family falls apart, the society falls apart. G.K. Chesterton prophetically understood the modern assault on the family and provides all of the best defenses for it.

2:30pm – 3:15pm

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Colleen Hammond

You cannot pour from an empty cup! Self-care is not an indulgence or a reward. It is an essential habit that will give you more energy, peace, and joy so that you will have more to give to others. Be a better spouse, friend, and family member with these simple, time efficient self-care ideas.

3:30pm – Conference Ends