Friday, April 8

12:00pm – Registration/Vendor Area Opens

12:30pm – 1:15pm

Shielding Your Family Against Homeschool Envy

Tara Brelinsky

Weighed against your nephew’s perfect test scores and your sister’s immaculate house, your homeschooling household may leave you feeling less than successful. But God’s blessings are there in the midst of the chaos and dirty dishes.


1:30pm – 2:15pm

How to Be a Kid Whisperer

Conor Gallagher

This talk will explore how to bring virtue into your child’s life by channeling the wisdom of Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, and applying that to everyday life. Using fun analogies and modern day examples, Mr. Gallagher demonstrates the value and methods of training your children in virtue as a basis for living as true Christians.

2:30pm – 3:15pm

Homeschooling Expectations vs. Reality

Melissa Savage

When you start out homeschooling, you have an image of what it will be like for you and your kids. You jump on this journey and throw your whole self into it, sometimes with blinders on. What happens when your child hits a speed bump, or if your family hits potholes along this journey? How do you pull yourself back together, find your way, and form a new plan?


3:30pm – 4:15pm

Ten Tips from the Parents of Saints

Ken Davison

What do the saints themselves say about their parents? What influenced them on their paths to sanctity? And what do the parents of future saints teach us about raising “Holy Heroes” in our own families today?

4:30pm – 4:50pm

Why God Made Me Homeschool

Tara Brelinsky

“How do you do it?” is the question I’ve been asked countless times when I tell people that we homeschool eight children. That question taught me to reflect on the how’s and why’s of this vocation to homeschooling.

5:00pm – 5:45pm

If Aristotle's Kid was on Facebook

Conor Gallagher

Conor Gallagher, father of a very large family, will use his book, If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod, to show you how to tackle the issues and challenges of social media in your child’s life. It is important that children learn how to use technology in moderation while they are young in order to avoid immoderate use when they are older.

6:00pm – Conference Ends