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FRIDAY, June 6
Time Speaker Talk
12:00 Noon Registration/Vendor Area Opens
12:30pm Mr. Michael Kalscheur
kalscheurwpPrincipal Dad: Dad’s Role in the Homeschooling Family

In most homeschooling families, Mom sets the calendar, picks the curriculum, and is the primary teacher, while Dad occasionally helps with some homework. However, Dad needs to take an active role with the homeschooling. This talk will focus on the very important supportive and complementary role that Dad needs to play.
1:30pm Mrs. Virginia Seuffert
Ginny4web2Homeschool to Escape the Common Core

Parents are up in arms about the Common Core’s poorly written standards, confusing curriculum, grueling test schedule, and invasion of family privacy. While we should all be working towards throwing the Common Core into the dustbin of history, what can we do to help our children now? Homeschooling offers educational excellence at a very affordable price. You can do it.
2:30pm Mrs. Amy Kalscheur
Amy2014adjustedwebConfessions of a Homeschooling Mom

Is it just me? Am I alone in this? In “Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom,” I open up and tell you about the real reason why I homeschool, the mistakes I’ve made, and the thing that irritates me the most. Through my personal witness, I hope that you can learn the lessons I’ve learned, and rest assured that you’re not alone out there.
3:30pm Fr. Angelus Shaughnessy
Angelus webKnow Your Faith! Love Your Faith! Share Your Faith!

Is there anything more important in this world than our faith in God? His primary collaborators and teachers are our parents who by word and example teach with authenticity and credibility because they love their children. There is no greater responsibility this side of Heaven!
4:30 – 6:00pm Vendor Sales/Dinner
6:00pm Mrs. Virginia Seuffert
Ginny4web2Six Steps to Homeschool Success

The task of teaching our children can seem daunting to parents when they are starting out, or when the crazy circumstances of daily life threaten to turn family life upside down. A simple, common sense formula of what to do and what to avoid will keep every family on track.
7:00pm Mr. Philip Gray
GraywebPrimal Educators: The Obligation to Instruct, the Right to Homeschool

Parents are educators because they are parents. The Church is an educator because it is the Church. The rights and obligations of each complement the other, and do not conflict. Mr. Gray will present the foundations for parents’ obligation to educate, their right to choose the method of education, and the Church’s obligation to respect their decisions and support them.
8:00pm Conference Ends