Four professional teachers will share advice and tips they have learned from the classroom to help you improve your homeschooling experience!


Friday June 10, 2011
Time Speaker Title Description Photo
1:30 P.M. Dr. Kevin Vost Memorize the Faith!

Dr. Vost will explain how Sts. Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas revived and transformed the ancient Greco-Roman “art of memory,” provide a live demonstration with the audience, and show how teachers and students can adapt these ancient methods to learn and remember just about anything. You’ll also hear the story of how Memorize the Faith! came to be written.

2:30 P.M. Dr. Eleanor Kelly Teaching Strategies

Learn to focus on and identify your verbal and non-verbal teaching behavior and also learn how to motivate your homeschooler and instill a love of learning.

 3:30 P.M. Dr. Catherine Moran Overwhelmed, Unmotivated, Disobedient, Under-challenged, or Just Plain Lazy?

Is your child struggling to learn, or avoiding it? Are there days when teaching your child turns into “who’s in control—me or my child?” We all want our children to be obedient and diligent, especially where their studies are concerned. Learn some helpful tips on how to teach these virtues to your children—tools they need to be successful.

 4:30 P.M. Deacon Eugene McGuirk Why Should I Study That? I’ll Never Use It Again

This talk covers the philosophical view that Catholic education is not mere job training, but is primarily Salvation training. Sentence diagramming, Algebra, and Latin may not seem important, and may seem to be skills that will never be used again in the ‘real world,’ but, as Mr. Miyagi told Daniel-san, “not everything is as seems.”