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The largest Catholic homeschooling conference in the country has now entered its 10th year, and has returned to the place where it all began!

Join us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary with special new speakers including Sr. Rosalind Moss, Mr. Andrew Pudewa, and Mr. Steve Wood!
We are especially pleased to have the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Hon. Ken Cuccinelli, scheduled for Saturday.
Not only has he gained the national spotlight by filing a lawsuit which resulted in having the universal healthcare mandate of Obamacare ruled unconstitutional,
but he is a Catholic homeschooling father. Please visit our Speakers page for a full listing of confirmed speakers.


Although we love children, attendance is restricted to adults, teens accompanied by an adult, and nursing babies.
This policy will be more heavily enforced than it has been in recent years.

Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel

13869 Park Center Road
Herndon, Virginia 20171
(703) 478-2900
Free Parking!

Friday June 10th, 2011 @ 9:00am to 9:00pm

Saturday June 11th, 2011 @ 9:30am to 4:00pm

The Honorable Ken Cuccinelli is a Catholic homeschooling father and small business owner. He is a partner in the law firm of Cuccinelli & Day, PLLC in Fairfax, serving as an outsourced general counsel to small and mid-sized companies. With a particular focus on intellectual property protection, his professional background includes work at the Defenders of Property Rights, a public interest organization.

Since 1997, Mr. Cuccinelli has also gained experience with the Commonwealth’s mental health system by serving as a court appointed attorney for individuals in Virginia’s involuntary civil commitment process. He was also an analyst for a think tank on conservation and food safety related issues.

He took office as Virginia’s Attorney General in 2010 and has made headlines by filing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Obamacare health bill which resulted in the Federal distict court ruling the individual mandate portion of the bill to be unconstitutional.
Fr. Elias (Matthew) Carr is a founding member of the canonry of St. Leopold, a dependent priory of the Abbey (Stift) of Klosterneuburg. The abbey will celebrate its 900th anniversary in 2014. Also one of the first Americans to enter the abbey in 2002 with two other confreres, Fr. Clemens and Fr. Josef, he designed the first version of the website, during the novitiate. He is the first American to work full time in the abbey parish of Donaufeld as well as the three parishes of St. Martin-Klosterneuburg, Höflein and Kritzendorf. He is also the first Catholic priest to attend and graduate from the Norwegian Teacher’s Academy, a staunchly Lutheran faculty coming out of the Pietist tradition and the missionary movement.

Fr. Elias has lived abroad in Italy, Austria and Norway for a combinded total of thirteen years since 1995. He learned as an adult to speak German fluently and is conversational in Norwegian and Italian. Learning a foreign language was one of the great schools of charity in which God through Fr. Elias’ canonical vocation enrolled him. It is an inevaluable enrichment for a Christian to learn foreign languages so as to be able to speak to the other in their language, to be able to demonstrate the love, humility and mercy of Christ. Fr. Elias has given numerous talks at gatherings in Norway, Rome and Austria in English, German and Norwegian. He has published several articles in journals or anthologies including most recently the first book to appear on the theology of Pope Benedict in Norwegian.

After nine years of living and working in Europe, Father Elias looks forward to his first parish assignment as pastor at St. Rocco Catholic Church as well as the founding of the canonry of St. Leopold, whereby for the first time the older version of the canonical life will be introduced to the United States of America. Resting on the twin pillars of common prayers and common meals, the canonical life seeks to sustain a sound human life for priests who conduct pastoral work in a world that increasingly finds their vocation and their message incomprehensible. Thus, the canonical life is a work of translation, of making God’s Word intelligible through a life of witness and preaching as the medieval forumlation expresses it: Docere verbo et exemplo. The canonical life strives to teach the Gospel by preaching and celebrating the Word of God in the sacraments as well as by leading a worthy Christian life that inspires others to do the same. It is hoped that this new foundation will not only be a source of support and comfort fo the faithful of Glen Cove, but also for the clergy and faithful of the diocese of Rockeville Center and indeed the entire United States of America.

Fr. Elias’ dissertation on which today’s talk relies addresses the human and sociological context of the theology of the Swiss Jesuit theologian, Fr. Raymund Schwager, S.J.. The aim of this project is to demonstrate that theology is a human response to the mystery of God. As such, its source is divine revelation officially transmitted in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition safeguarded and conserved by the Magisterium. However, this encounter with the mystery of God is mediated for every theologian by their life and history. Thus, in order to understand the theology of Raymund Schwager it is helpful to take into account his identities as a Swiss (Thurgauer) Catholic Jesuit teaching at a Catholic Theology faculty at an Austrian state universtiy. These narratives clarify the choices he made in writing his theology and may explain its strengths and weaknesses. One major result of the study thus far is to remind Catholics that the Church has endured an ongoing, multi-pronged, often subtle persecution since the post-Napoleonic settlement which shaped Catholic identity in many countries. With a conscious reflection on our experience of victimization as Catholics we can better see where some of the problems in the contemporary Church might have emerged and therefore address them.
Fr. Richard Carr is an ex-New Yorker and now happily liberated Virginian and Southerner! He is the younger brother of Father Elias (Matthew) and the son of Matthew and Theresa of Manassas, VA. He is a survivor (barely) of the public (i.e. government propaganda and indoctrination) school system of New York. Father Carr Attended Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary and was ordained in 2001 as a priest for the diocese of Arlington, VA.

He is the author of a few articles for American Life League’s Celebrate publication. Father Carr is blessed to now live in the “Catholic homeschooling capital of the world” – Front Royal, VA, where he has been serving as associate pastor at St. John the Baptist parish since 2009. He has a great love for the Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite (i.e. Traditional Latin Mass) and enjoys the organic non-GMO vegetables as well as eggs and butter from the gardens and farms of his generous parishioners.

When he finds a little time and the weather is at least somewhat agreeable, he enjoys a little tennis as well as exercising his 2nd Amendment rights in the vast backyards of some of his parishioners. Previously, Father Carr served at Our Lady of Angels in Woodbridge (2001-05), St. Timothy’s in Chantilly (2005-07), St. Elizabeth in Colonial Beach with the Mission at St. Anthony’s in King George (2007-09).
Fr. Edward Connolly is a native of Philadelphia. A graduate of St. Joseph College, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English. Before entering the seminary in 1961, he worked as a Youth Rehabilitation Officer for two years. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1966. In recognition for his work, he was named “Man of the Year” for the Allentown chapter of a Catholic-Jewish inter-religious outreach organization.

In 1974, he received his M.Ed. from Boston College. Since his ordination, Father has served in various capacities, including high school teacher, Director of Pastoral Care and Hospital Ministry, Assistant Superintendent of Education for the Diocese of Allentown, and campus ministry and college instructor. Since 1986, he has been a full-time pastor for the Diocese of Allentown in PA. His current parish is located in Girardville. He is co-host of the EWTN program “Road to Cana,” an apostolate focusing on the formation of Catholics for the dating process and marriage.

With characteristic humility and sense of humor, Father says of himself, “My mother always thought I was wonderful. I think my father did too. I can’t think of anyone else who shared their opinion.”
Fr. Joseph Fessio, a Roman Catholic priest of the Jesuit order, was born on January 10, 1941. He attended high school at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA. Before entering the Jesuit novitiate in 1961, he completed undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Santa Clara, CA. He earned both his Bachelor’s (1966) and Master’s (1967) degrees in Philosophy from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Before being ordained on June 10, 1972, he had also earned a Master’s in Theology from his studies in Lyons, France.

In 1975, Father Fessio earned his Doctorate in Theology from the University of Regensburg, West Germany. His thesis director was Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), with whom a lasting friendship was developed that continues to this day.

Father Fessio has had a distinguished career as an educator. He taught Philosophy (1966-69) and Systematic and Spiritual Theology at the University of San Francisco (1974-1998). From 1988-91, Father served as editor of 30 Days in the Church and the World, an international Catholic magazine, and became publisher of The Catholic World Report in 1991. Since 1995, he was publisher of Homiletic & Pastoral Review, as well as Catholic Dossier, Catholic Faith (until 2002).

In 1976, Father Fessio founded St. Ignatius Institute and, in 1978, became founder and editor of Ignatius Press. Father has been a solid orthodox voice in Catholic publishing since its founding. In 1995, he co-founded Adoremus: Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy. Three years later, he founded the Catholic Radio Network and, in 2002, he founded Campion College of San Francisco. That same year he became Chancellor of Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida, and later its Provost.
Fr. Edward Hathaway was born in Oakland, CA, the son of a naval aviator. In 1983, he graduated from the University of VA with a B.A. in psychology. For the following two years, he lived in England, where he attended Cambridge University. He then worked as a Personnel Recruiter for a mortgage banking/high technology company before entering St. Charles Borromeo seminary in Philadelphia. In 1991, he was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Arlington. His assignments have included St. Michael’s in Annandale, the Cathedral of St. Thomas More, and St. John the Baptist in Front Royal. Since 2007, he has served as pastor of St. Veronica’s parish in Chantilly.

Fr. David Morrier worked as an Engineer with Kodak for six years before joining the Third Order Regular Franciscans in 1990. Ordained in 1997, he has been ministering at Franciscan University of Steubenville for over ten years. He has served as Assistant University Chaplain, the Coordinator of Household Life and currently as the Campus Minister of Student Life. Acting as chaplain, he has also joined several mission trips, including trips to Mexico, New Mexico, the Bronx, Florida, and Barbados.

Before entering the religious life, he enjoyed hiking, kayaking, hang-gliding, and motorcycling.

Fr. Mark Pilon hails from Detroit, Michigan, where he earned his B.A. in English. He was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Arlington in 1975. Two years later, he earned his Masters in Educational Administration from the Catholic University of America. For 15 years, he worked, first as administrator, then as a Theology teacher, at the Christian Commonwealth Institute in Escorial, Spain. He went on to teach Theology at Mount St. Mary Seminary and at Christendom College. Since 2009, Father has taught at the Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College.

In addition to editing and translating works of Theology, Father Pilon wrote two of his own books. The first, published in 1984, is entitled The Church: A Commentary on Lumen Gentium. His second book, Magnum Mysterium: The Sacrament of Matrimony was published in 2011.
Fr. Jerry J. Pokorsky was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Arlington in 1990. He holds a Master of Divinity degree as well as a Master’s degree in moral theology. Before ordination, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in business administration and worked as a Certified Public Accountant. He recently spent three years on loan to the Diocese of Lincoln as the diocesan Finance Officer.

He is the founder of CREDO: a society of priests dedicated to the accurate translation of the liturgy. He is also one of the founders of Adoremus: The Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy.

He is currently the pastor of Saint Michael’s Church in Annandale, Virginia.
Fr. Larry Swink was born on Midway Island (in U.S. territory), the oldest of 10 children. A graduate of the University of Dallas, he earned his degree in Political Philosophy. Before joining the Immaculate Conception seminary in 2001, he worked for Morgan Stanley as a Financial Advisor for 2 and a half years. In May of 2006, he was ordained a priest of the Washington Archdiocese. At the 2010 Right to Life March, he gave the homily to over 10,000 Catholics. He is currently associate pastor at Saint Pius X Church in Bowie, Maryland.

In his spare time, Father enjoys the outdoors: He is a cyclist, plays basketball, and enjoys hiking and snowboarding… as well as anything that includes a ball or a stick!
Deacon Eugene McGuirk has a B.A. from Queens College in New York, an M.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara, an M.B.A. from Adelphi University, and has partially completed an M.A. in Theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. He also completed four years of study at Immaculate Conception Seminary in Lloyd Harbor, New York, where he was first in his class, and was ordained to the Diaconate in May, 1988. Deacon McGuirk served for 11 years at St. Hedwig’s Church in Floral Park, NY as the Director of Adult Education, and was involved with Pre-Cana Conferences, Youth, and Pro-Life Activities.

He then relocated to Immaculate Conception Church in Forest City, North Carolina, where he served for over three years as Co-Director of the CCD Program and was Director of Pro-Life Activities, where he was known for writing letters to the local newspaper to defend the Faith. His article entitled, “Easter Reflections on the Role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Salvation History” was published in Reflects, the Journal of the Haitian American Cultural and Educational Foundation. He presented a paper entitled, “United Christian Charity International: Performing the Works of Mercy for the Culture of Life,” to the Society of Catholic Social Scientists at Ave Maria Law School.

Deacon McGuirk and his wife, Catherine, have four children who have all been home schooled, the eldest graduated from Christendom College in 2003, and the next eldest graduated from U.N.C.W. in 2008. He and his family reside in Front Royal, VA, where Deacon McGuirk is the Director for Academic Counseling at Seton Home Study School. He also serves on the Board of Directors for United Christian Charity International in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
Sr. Mary Joseph Heisler was born the second eldest, and the only girl, in a family of 6 children, the eldest of whom is now a priest. When she was a girl, she made a pilgrimage to Fatima and soon after realized her vocation was clearly “Carmelite, but not cloistered.” After graduating valedictorian of her high school class, she entered the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus in St. Louis, MO on September 8, 1984.

Upon profession of her temporary vows, she served the elderly as a certified nurse assistant for four years until she professed final vows in 1992. She then taught pre-kindergarten for several years before becoming the director of the Carmelite Child Development Center and vocation director for the province. In March of 2001, she was transferred to the Motherhouse in Sittard, Netherlands where she began a youth ministry program as part of her vocation work there. In December of 2002, she was transferred back to St. Louis, where she was named novice mistress until her appointment as provincial superior in August 2003.

Along with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childcare, Sister has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Masters in Theological Studies from the Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College.
Sr. Rosalind Moss was born and raised in a Jewish home in New York. In her adult years, she embraced Jesus as the Messiah of the Jewish people. Her initial conversion took her from a 15-year business career as a successful executive with corporations in New York and California to full- time Evangelical ministry, earning a master’s degree in Ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary. A series of events in the summer of 1990 set her on a compelling course to find out if the Catholic Church is in fact the Church established by Christ 2,000 years ago. After 18 years of Evangelical Protestantism, she entered the Catholic Church at Easter 1995.

Sr. Rosalind is the editor of Home at Last, 11 Who Found Their Way to the Catholic Church and co-hosts the EWTN programs “Household of Faith” and “Now That We’re Catholic!” For 9 years, she was a staff apologist with Catholic Answers and was a guest of the semi-monthly radio program “From the Heart” on Catholic Answers Live. In August of 2008, at the invitation of Archbishop Burke, she founded the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Hope in St. Louis, MO. The sisters of her order seek to reach out as messengers of hope to a needy world.
Dr. Dominic A. Aquila is currently Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of St. Thomas. He has twenty-eight years of experience in public and private higher education. Among the institutions he has served are The Rochester Institute of Technology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Empire State College of the State University of New York, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ave Maria College and the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, Indiana). A central focus of Dr. Aquila’s academic career has been curriculum design and implementation, including core curriculum reform at Franciscan University of Steubenville, the creation of Ave Maria College’s core curriculum, and core curriculum reform at the University of St. Francis. Dr. Aquila is also a Trustee and Chair of the Council of Scholars of the American Academy of Liberal Education, a member of the Board of Directors of Wyoming Catholic College, and an active participant and lecturer in the national Fides et Ratio seminars. In June 2007 he received the Spes Nostrae Award for service to Catholic Education from the National Association for Private and Independent Catholic Schools.

Dr. Aquila took his Bachelors Degree in Music from The Juilliard School, the MBA from New York University, and his Doctorate in History from the University of Rochester and the University of South Africa.

Before his career in higher education, Dr. Aquila performed as a timpanist and percussionist with the New York City Opera, the American Ballet Theatre, the American Symphony Orchestra, the New York and Rochester Philharmonic Orchestras and a number of Broadway shows. He also studied composition with Elliott Carter, David Diamond, and Samuel Adler, and served as Associate General Manager of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and General Manager of Garth Fagan’s Dance Theatre.

Dr. Aquila and his wife, Diane, are parents of eleven children.
Dr. Eleanor Kelly is a native New Yorker with a Doctorate in Teacher Education and Curriculum Development from Columbia University. After teaching in New York City public schools, she served as remedial reading coordinator for government schools in Germany and Turkey. Upon her return to the United States, she supervised student teachers and taught method courses at Fordham University and then at the City University of New York until she began her family.

From 1994 to the present, Dr. Kelly has acted as Director of Teacher Formation at Christendom College. She resides in Front Royal, Virginia and has three children and over a dozen grandchildren
Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian was born in Milford, Massachusetts, the son of Armenian immigrants. He earned his B.A. in English from Bowdoin College, his M.A. from the University of Kansas, and his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. Currently a professor at Mt. Royal Academy in Warner, NH, in the past, he has taught at Simpson College in Iowa, at Christendom College, and at Magdalen College. Courses from Advanced Composition to Shakespeare, Chaucer, and The Classics of Children’s Literature are his specialty.

In addition to his teaching career, Dr. Kalpakgian has written three books: The Marvellous in Fielding’s Novels, The Mysteries of Life in Children’s Literature, and An Armenian Family Reunion. Various publications, including New Oxford Review, Culture Wars magazine, and Homiletic and Pastoral Review, regularly feature his articles. He has been honored with a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar Fellowship and an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship. A father of five, he enjoys writing, long-distance running, and coaching soccer.
Dr. Catherine Moran received her B.A. in Biology, Chemistry, and Speech/Hearing Therapy from Kent State University, and her Masters and Ph.D. in Education from Breyer State University. A mother of five, she has over 20 years of homeschooling experience.

She was president of the Catholic Home School Network of America, founder of the Ohio Educators’ Catholic Home Schooling Network, and a member of the CHSNA delegation to Rome on behalf of Catholic Home Education, which visited with Pope John Paul II in 1995 and 1997.

Dr. Moran is a secular Franciscan, and served as prefect of her fraternity for three years. Currently acting as secretary-treasurer of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Byzantine Chapter in Warren, Ohio, she has presented the Fatima message to over 20,000 adults and children in the Northeastern Ohio and Tri-state area.
Dr. Kevin Vost has taught psychology and gerontology at Lincoln Land Community College, Mac Murray College, and the University of Illinois. A member of American Mensa, the High IQ society, he has served there on the Research Review Committee. Radio programs, including Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio, and Sirius Satellite’s Catholic Channel, have featured Dr. Vost as a guest.

He is the author of several books, including From Atheism to Catholicism, Memorize the Faith! (And Most Anything Else): Using the Methods of the Great Catholic Medieval Memory Masters, and Fit for Eternal Life: A Catholic Approach to Working Out, Eating Right, and Building the Virtues of Fitness Within Your Soul. Programs based on Memorize the Faith! have been used for adult religious education classes and in Catholic schoolrooms through the country.

Dr. Vost resides in Springfield, Illinois with his wife Kathy and his sons Eric and Kyle.
Mr. Andrew Pudewa is the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Presenting throughout North America, he addresses issues relating to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. His seminars for parents, students and teachers have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students’ skills.

Although Mr. Pudewa is a graduate of the Talent Education Institute in Japan, and holds a Certificate of Child Brain Development from the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his best endorsement is from a young Alaskan boy who called him “the funny man with the wonderful words.”

He and his wife Robin are homeschooling parents of 7 children. They live in Atascadero, California.
Mr. Mo Woltering is currently the Academic Dean and Director of Development at Holy Family Academy in Manassas, Virginia. He also teaches religion, philosophy, Latin, and algebra. A graduate of Christendom College, he earned his Masters from the John Paul II Institute in DC and studied in the Licentiate Program at the John Paul II Institute in Rome for two years. He has served as Executive Director of the Cardinal Newman Society, acted as a consultant to various Catholic and pro-life organizations, and been a series host on EWTN. Articles written by Mr. Woltering have been featured in various Catholic publications, including the National Catholic Register and the Arlington Herald. An upcoming issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review will feature his article on “Education as Transformation.”

He leads pilgrimages to Italy and runs his own remodeling company during the summer. With his wife and four children, he lives in Fauquier County on a small farm, where they raise their own meat and produce. An avid skeet shooter, Mr. Woltering enjoys harvesting venison from his front porch.
Steve Wood, a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, served as an Evangelical pastor for a decade before his entire family converted to Catholicism in 1990. Responding to a challenge from Pope John Paul II to strengthen families, he started the Family Life Center International in 1992. For almost 20 years, the Family Life Center has networked with thousands of families in over 80 countries.

He is also the founder of St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers, a movement that seeks to transform society through the transformation of fathers and families. Utilizing his books Christian Fatherhood & Legacy, CDs, television, radio, and conferences, he has reached tens of thousands of men in the USA, Canada and overseas with a message of Christian faith and responsibility. He is the host of the live Faith and Family broadcasts on EWTN worldwide radio.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI awarded Mr. Wood the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medal, an award given for distinguished service to the church, in recognition for his work with St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers.

In order to assist young adults in choosing a lifetime partner and preparing for marriage, he wrote The ABCs of Choosing a Good Husband and The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife.

He and his wife Karen have been married for over thirty years and have eight children.
Mrs. Terry Arnold is a homeschool leader from Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Houston and has been married to her husband Calvin for nearly 30 years. Since 1991, she has been homeschooling her five children, two of whom have gone on to receive impressive college scholarships.

Since 2003, Mrs. Arnold has served as the chairwoman of the Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (ARCH) Support Group. Additionally, she has acted as the conference coordinator for Houston’s annual Catholic homeschooling conference held at the University of St. Thomas. She has been pro- active in homeschooling– helping to start the Texas Home Education Partnership and running a homeschooling bookstore.

A founding sponsor for the first homeschooled chapter of the American Red Cross Youth Chapter, Mrs. Arnold was awarded the American Red Cross Youth Sponsor of the Year Award (2008-2009). She is a founding member of the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children.
Mrs. Regina Doman grew up surrounded by nine younger brothers and sisters. “Growing up,” she says, “There were two things I was always convinced of: that I was meant to be married, and that I was meant to write stories.” She attended the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio and graduated with a BA in Communications, concentrating on Television Production, with a minor in Theatre Arts.

From 1992-1994, Regina lived in New York City, working as assistant editor of Lay Witness magazine and writing columns and articles for various publications, including a comic strip for YOU! Magazine. In 1994, she married her husband, Andrew. She published her first novel for teenagers in 1997. Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale (re-published in 2002 under the title The Shadow of the Bear) quickly enjoyed success, especially among homeschooled teens, as did the sequel, Black as Night.

In July 2006, Regina’s family was grieved by the loss of her son Joshua in a tragic car accident. They created a memorial website for him and Regina took a sabbatical from public speaking and writing to be with her family. In August 2007 she resumed public work with the release of her third novel, Waking Rose.

Regina and her husband co-own Chesterton Press, and make their home near Front Royal, Virginia, where they homeschool their children.
Mrs. Amy Kalscheur graduated from Marian College in 1995 with a BA in Elementary Education and Mild Disabilities. After teaching in public schools for 2 years, Amy and her husband, Michael, decided that when their son was ready for school, they would begin by homeschooling instead of the traditional route. Amy and Michael now have 8 children, all of whom have been homeschooled since birth.

Amy is the treasurer for Holy Family Home Educators, and has been chairwoman of the Indianapolis Catholic Home School Conference since 2007. In addition to teaching at her local homeschool co-op, she also puts on children’s special events for the Knights of Columbus. She has been her husband’s campaign manager for 3 campaigns. Amy and Michael are active in their parish’s sponsor couple program, Blue Knights and lead the Little Flowers.
Mrs. Marie Kennedy graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in health, physical education and recreation. She was captain of the women’s track and field team and a nationally ranked competitor. Having qualified for nationals three times in the high jump, she was ranked as high as fourth in the event. Additionally, she received the Blue Gold Award for scholarship and athletic achievement and was a Rhodes Scholar nominee.

Mrs. Kennedy has been coaching and training athletes for over 30 years. Since its opening in 2004, she has been the Director of the Eugene I. Kane Student Fitness Center. In 2007, she joined the CUA men’s and women’s track and field teams as the jumps coach.

She started the Catholic Home Schooled Young Adults Group for the diocese of Arlington and organized the St. Catherine of Siena Young Women’s Leadership program.

Mrs. Kennedy lives in Great Falls, VA, with her husband Don. Their two daughters Stephanie and Kristen were homeschooled and both graduated from CUA’s school of engineering.
Mrs. Virginia (Ginny) Seuffert, a native New Yorker, has been homeschooling for over 20 years! While in New York, Mrs. Seuffert lectured, debated, and wrote a number of articles for the Pro-Life movement. After moving to Illinois, she became a founding member of the Network of Illinois Catholic Home Educators, helped establish the “Round Table” (a Catholic home school leadership discussion group), and became a founder and officer of the Catholic Home School Network of America.

In addition to appearing on EWTN, she has been a guest on numerous radio shows, lectured at Catholic family conferences all over the United States and Canada, and has authored several articles on such topics as home education, teaching children the virtues, and household management. The Illinois Press Association awarded her first place honors for a column she wrote defending traditional family values in a local newspaper. The Seton Home Study School Newsletter regularly features her columns, and just recently Seton Press published her first book of an upcoming series, Ginny’s Gems: Home Management Essentials.
Mrs. Elizabeth Yank received a B.A. in English from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. A mother of seven children, she has been homeschooling for over twenty years. One of her daughters is a member of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary.

Articles written by Mrs. Yank have been published in Faith and Family, National Catholic Register, St. Anthony Messenger, Canticle, mater et magistra and other Catholic and homeschool publications. She also has her own blog at

In 1991, she founded the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators. The group continues to grow with over 170 families. Mrs. Yank and her husband Raymond currently reside in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

IHM accepts vendors by invitation only, and we are no longer inviting new vendors for the 2011 National Conference. If you have any questions regarding our vendors, or would like to be considered for next year, please contact our Vendor Coordinator, Mr. Draper Warren, dwarren(AT)
The following is a complete list of our 2011 Vendors.

Vendor Name and Description Table Number and Hometown
Adoremus Books

Adoremus Books carries a selection of 25,000 quality books and resources designed to enrich your Catholic home. Choose from homeschooling materials, syllabi, devotionals from trusted Catholic publishers, films, music, sacramentals and traditional and imaginative toys from Playmobil and Melissa & Doug.
6 Tables
Omaha, NE
Alan Jemison Music

Author and publisher of Catholic hymn and liturgy collections for singing and for piano. (“36 Traditional Roman Catholic Hymns” has become a homeschool standard). “Jubilate Deo,” the Mass and 10 Gregorian Hymns in Latin and English, now contains settings of the New English Mass. “Beginning at the Piano” and “Singing Our Musical Heritage” are also popular items from the pen of Alan Jemison.
1 Table
Ashton, MD
Arma Dei

Offering carefully-crafted Catholic products intended to help celebrate our rich Tradition and Faith. Quality catechism and prayer-based books, paper craft kits, collector cards, playing cards, and quizzing cards are great educational tools and gifts for home, school, or parish.
3 Tables
Stouffville, ON, Canada
Arx Publishing

Arx Publishing gives a voice to authors whose books uphold traditional Catholic values and promote the Culture of Life. Specializing in new historical fiction for young adults, Arx also publishes poetry, high fantasy fiction, devotional, and scholarly works.
1 Table
Merchantville, NJ
Bethlehem Books

We publish tried and true historical fiction, adventure tales, biographies, and family stories which help children and young adults expand their imagination and understand the past. In 1994, we launched our book apostolate to help bring these good books back into print.
3 Tables
Bathgate, ND
Catholic Home-Schoolers’ Bookshelf

No doctrinally questionable or unorthodox materials will you find on our website. We have been selling books to home-schoolers since 1976.
5 Tables
Thaxton, VA
Chesterton Press

Chesterton Press is owned by Regina Doman and publishes her acclaimed Fairy Tale Novels. These books are much loved by both adult and young adult readers. They have been performed as stage plays, an award-winning audio drama, and an independent film.
2 Tables
Front Royal, VA
Christendom College

Recognized as one of America’s premier Catholic Liberal Arts colleges, Christendom offers its students a fully Catholic education, integrating Faith and Reason, while immersing them in a vibrant and joyful Catholic culture steeped in the ageless traditions of the Church.
*Christendom will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Front Royal, VA
College of St. Mary Magdalen<

The College of St. Mary Magdalen is a residential Catholic liberal arts college in New Hampshire. The College seeks through the rigorous study and discussion of primary texts through its “Great Books” liberal arts program—and through its vibrantly Catholic student life, to call students to the lifelong pursuit of intellectual and moral virtue.
*Magdalen will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Warner, NH
Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys offers the best in educational toys, books, and games that promote learning through play. Lifetime warranty! Hostesses wanted to earn free products. Help wanted! Seeking parents to share Discovery Toys and earn extra income. Stop by our table for more info.
1 Table
Fairfax, VA (local consultant)
Emmanuel Books 5 Tables
Faithful and True 10 Tables
Family Life Center International

Family Life Center International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for Catholic marriage, Catholic family life, Catholic parenting, help for hurting marriages, parenting teens, child discipline, Catholic courtship, Catholic singles, Catholic relationships, marriage preparation, Catholic home schooling, and marital communication. Steve Wood, the director of Family Life Center, is the author of ABCs of Choosing a Good Husband, and ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife to prepare Catholic singles for marriage.
2 Tables
Greenville, SC
Franciscan University of Steubenville

Homeschoolers and Franciscan University of Steubenville–it’s a natural fit. Since 1988, students who have thrived in a home school environment have made a smooth transition to a successful college life at Franciscan University. That’s because the same commitment to faith and reason that draws families to home school their children forms the foundation of our approach to education.
1 Table
Steubenville, OH
Ginger Himes Chalk Talks & Art Lessons

DVDs designed to give children confidence in drawing without using a lot of expensive equipment. Students learn basic skills in a relaxed step-by-step manner.
1 Table
Kersey, PA
Hillside Education

Catholic language arts resources, reprints of historical fiction, mothering/teaching resources.
3 Tables
Lake Ariel, PA
Holy Family Press

Catholic activity and coloring books, Catholic media including dramatized audio CDs, and a movie on St. John Vianney.
3 Tables
Front Royal, VA
Holy Trinity Catholic Church Audio Ministry

Holy Trinity Catholic Church will sell CDs of talks by Fr. Francis Peffley, Pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, talks from our Guest Speaker Program, JMJ peg games, and distribute Miraculous Medals and Rosaries.
1 Table
Gainesville, VA
Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections provides online, interactive, live courses with a Catholic perspective.
1 Table
North Richland Hills, TX
Human Life International

The mission of HLI is to create effective opposition to the culture of death around the world. With affiliates and associates in over 100 countries, Human Life International is the largest pro-life organization in the world.
2 Tables
Front Royal, VA
Illuminated Ink

Unique educational Catholic games, toys, and craft kits.
7 Tables
Colfax, WI
Institute for Excellence in Writing

Andrew Pudewa’s award winning writing curriculum (Teaching Writing: Structure and Style) and other writing helps. Also, literature, grammar, and spelling helps.
6 Tables
Locust Grove, OK
John Paul the Great Catholic University

John Paul the Great Catholic University is an authentically Catholic school dedicated to impacting culture for Christ through business, media, technology, and Biblical Theology.
*JP Catholic will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
San Diego, CA
Keller Books

Joyful purveyors of vintage children’s and traditional Catholic books. A Catholic homeschool family with 10 children, we buy/sell books that enrich, nurture, and inspire.
16 Tables
Lexington, VA
Kolbe Academy Homeschool

Kolbe Academy Homeschool provides curriculum and books that are CATHOLIC – loyal to the Magisterium, CLASSICAL in approach, IGNATIAN in method, and FLEXIBLE in practice.
4 Tables
Napa, CA
Lilix Light & Sound

Lilix is the official audio recorder for the IHM National Conference. Come visit the Lilix tables to order copies of the 2011 talks in either CD or MP3 format!
2 Tables
North Charleston, SC
Making Music Praying Twice

Making Music Praying Twice produces CDs and books to help parents provide genuine, Catholic, early-childhood music education at home. Based on the Liturgical Year, play and pray with your children to increase music aptitude and prepare for formal music studies.
1 Table
Basking Ridge, NJ
Mary’s Books & Publishing

Mary’s Books is the publisher of the “In the Footsteps of the Saints” Series. A small selection of used Catholic Books will also be available.
6 Tables
Amherst, WI
mater et magistra Magazine

Quarterly magazine with topics of interest to Catholic homeschoolers.
1 Table
Lake Ariel, PA
Mother of Divine Grace School

Mother of Divine Grace School is a private, Catholic, Classical, distance education school dedicated to working with parents to teach their children how to think and to assist in keeping their children faithful to the Catholic Church.
1 Table
Ojai, CA
Our Lady of Victory School

Since 1977, OLVS has been providing Roman Catholic homeschooling curriculum and publishing our very own line of textbooks (LEPANTO PRESS). The curriculum (including daily lesson plans) used in our homeschooling program is well organized, doctrinally sound and very affordable.
4 Tables
Post Falls, ID
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy

The first Canadian institution recommended by the
Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, OLSWA offers an excellent and affordable post-secondary Catholic liberal arts education in the beauty of rural Canada. We offer one-,two-, and three-year programs, and have students from across Canada and the U.S. Franciscan university and Christendom College accept our credits.
*OLSWA will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Barry’s Bay, ON, Canada
Pauline Books & Media

In our children’s line, we publish books parents can trust. You can rest assured that Pauline Books & Media editions present solid Christian values with a Catholic perspective. Our pre-school and primary books make it easy for parents and teachers to introduce younger children to important aspects of the Faith.
4 Tables
Alexandria, VA (local store)

Welcome to your Catholic DVD Rental Membership Club! We are your source for movies depicting the lives of the saints, children’s movies, educational tools for Religious Education teachers, conversion stories from the greatest apologists, Catholic-friendly Hollywood movies, and some great old television series.
1 Table
Jacksonville, FL
Professor Carol

Dr. Reynolds (Professor Carol) creates lively multi-media courses that restore the Fine Arts to their traditional place in academic study. Come see
Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture and Exploring America’s Musical Heritage.
3 Tables
Bowie, TX
RC History

The Connecting with History program is available exclusively from St. George Catholic Books and Gifts which also carries a full line of Catholic books, artwork, and gifts as well as a large selection of homeschool resources.
3 Tables
Blaine, MN
Sacred Heart Books & Gifts

Sacred Heart Books & Gifts supplies Catholic and home schooling families with resources needed to enrich their faith and educate their children. We strive to provide the lowest prices possible in order to support customers, particularly single-income families.
8 Tables
Liberty, MO
Seton Home Study School

Seton is a full-service Catholic curriculum provider and the largest publisher of Catholic textbooks in the English language. Serving around 15,000 enrolled students, Seton assists families by providing books, lesson plans, grading services, counseling services, and a wealth of online resources. At the conference, we are offering a $30 per child discount on enrollment (grades 1-12), and this year we are starting a book buy-back program to replenish the supply of used books we sell inexpensively at the IHM National Conference.
35 Tables
Front Royal, VA
Stone Tablet Press

Teach your children to read with the Little Angel Reader Catholic phonics program. All phonograms are taught in a variety of ways with phonetic readers, workbooks, and activities in the Teacher’s Manual. Child-appealing books include Catholic, saint, and Bible stories.
1 Table
Wildwood, MO
Suffering Servant Scriptorium

Prayer books and CDs.
2 Tables
Springfield, VA
TAN Books – Saint Benedict Press

Saint Benedict Press and TAN Books publish Catholic Books and Bibles. Subjects include: Our Lord Jesus Christ; The Blessed Virgin Mary; The Lives of the Saints; Catholic Doctrine; The Mass and Sacraments; Apologetics; Theology; Philosophy; Homeschooling; Church History; and many more!
6 Tables
Charlotte, NC
Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks makes math textbooks (3rd grade through Pre-calculus) designed exclusively for homeschoolers. That’s why each of the textbooks in our line contains step-by-step audiovisual solutions to every one of the thousands of assigned problems. Our products have also been chosen as the best homeschool math curriculum by the industry’s most respected product reviewer, including John Holzmann of Sonlight, Deb and Dan Deffinbaugh of Timberdoodle, and Dean Andreola of CBD.
2 Tables
Oklahoma City, OK
Thomas Aquinas College

Great Books. Seminar discussions. Genuinely Catholic College. Aiming at Truth and intellectual facility in the major arts and sciences, students read original, classical texts and discuss them in seminars led by facilty. High School Juniors should consider the Great Books Summer Program.
*TAC will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Ojai, CA
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

Thomas More College is a four-year Catholic liberal arts college that combines intensive reading of the Great Books with lectures and seminar discussions placing those works in their historical, cultural, and theological context. Students are trained to see in the many facets of Beauty the single face of Truth.
*TMC will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Merrimack, NH
Understanding Latin

Understanding Latin has published two books:
Understanding the Latin Mass and Understanding the Latin Prayers of the Rosary, both by marion Smedberg. The Mass book will be very useful this year as we are introduced to the new English translation of the Mass.
1 Table
Sterling, VA
University of Dallas

The Catholic University for Independent Thinkers is dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, truth, and virtue through the Great Books of Western tradition and Catholic intellectual tradition. With a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and 25 Fulbrights, authentically Catholic academic excellence is our priority.
*UD will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Irving, TX
University of St. Thomas

*UST will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Houston, TX
U.S. Air Force Academy

Major Crowe represents the United States Air Force Academy and Air Force ROTC Admission Offices. She can answer questions regarding Academy admission and ROTC scholarship programs!
1 Table
Colorado Springs, CO
Usborne Books

Designed for children from birth through early high school, Usborne Books provides quality educational materials for your homeschooling family. With a strong emphasis on non-fiction combined with the unique benefits of their Internet-Linked books, Usborne Books makes learning fun.
2 Tables
Darlington, MD (local rep)
Wyoming Catholic College

We are a 4-year Catholic Liberal Arts College, located in Lander, WY. We offer a wholistic approach to education, helping students grow in mind, body, and spirit.
*WCC will be offering a 5-minute presentation as part of the IHM College Fair on Saturday afternoon.*
1 Table
Lander, WY

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