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Friday June 3, 2016
12:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday June 4, 2016
9:30am to 3:30pm


St. Michael Catholic Church
1125 St. Michael’s Road
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
























Friday, June 3

12:00pm – Registration/Vendor Area Opens

12:30pm – 1:15pm


Short Break

1:45pm – 2:30pm


2:45pm – 3:30pm


Short Break

4:00pm – 4:45pm


5:00pm – 5:45pm


6:00pm – Day Ends

Saturday, June 4

9:30am – Registration

10:00am – 10:45am


11:00am – 11:45am


12:00pm – Vendor Sales/Lunch Break

1:30pm – 1:50pm


2:00pm – 2:20pm


2:30pm – 3:15pm


3:30pm – Conference Ends

Used Curriculum Sale during the Maryland IHM Catholic Homeschool Parent’s Conference June 3 and 4

Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers is happy to announce that we are again sponsoring the used curriculum sale as part of this year’s conference!

The used curriculum sale is managed independently by Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers (MCH), not by IHM.

Please carefully read the following information.

How to Participate:
You must contact Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers (MCH) in advance and pre-register to sell items at the used curriculum sale.

The hours of the used curriculum sale will be as follows:
Drop-off of items for Friday June 03 starting at 11am (do not come earlier, our doors will be shut, we have much to prepare before opening our doors)
Open to public on Friday is 12n-6pm

Drop-off of items for Saturday June 04 starting at 9am (again, do not come earlier)
Open to public on Saturday is 9:30-3:30 (we close our doors at 3:30, we have to pack and clean up)

Guidelines for the MCH used curriculum sale are as follows:

1. Labeling
ALL items must be labeled with a 3×5 index card/or paper of similar size (or a sticky post-it note) and securely taped to these items (painters tape works great and is easy to remove) indicating the following (clearly printed):
1. Seller’s Name
2. Emergency cell phone number while at the conference AND your email address
3. Title of item being sold and subject (math, language arts, etc.)
4. Grade level of item
5. Price (whole dollar amounts only, no cents)
The index card/paper and painters tape (do not use a tape that will rip the curriculum) must be securely attached to the item. Any unmarked item is considered a donation to MCH and will be sold for the benefit of MCH. If books are sold as a set, the set MUST be securely bundled and marked as a set, either in a plastic bag or tightly secured with rubber bands. It might also be good to mark how many items are in the set.

2. Bundling / Free Giveaways
Books that are less than a $1.00 should be bundled together within the same subject area and sold for one total price (whole dollar amounts only, no cents). Bundling of items will be allowed as long as the curriculum subject is the same. Example, a bundle of science related items together is fine, but a bundle of combined science and history items is not allowed. The bundle must still include the proper labeling as above. Free giveaways are allowed; but you still need to label the items as above and then clearly label it as a free giveaway.

3. Items allowed / not allowed
Any and all Catholic homeschooling curriculum is allowed; and any curriculum that’s a part of Catholic homeschooling is allowed. Christian curriculum is allowed so long as does not contain any anti-Catholic wording in it. Not allowed are any materials/curriculum that are wiccan or devil worship related or outright anti-Catholic, etc. A History book by a particular company that is anti-Catholic is not allowed; however, a math book by that same company is allowed as long as it doesn’t contain anti-Catholic wording. Also, no video tapes of any kind including education as these don’t sell; no toys, no baby items, no clothing, no household items, no DVDs/CDs (unless that actual DVD/CD is an actual supplement attached to a curriculum set for sale; examples – a Dive CD attached to a Saxon math item or an Apologia CD attached to an Apologia science book, etc.). The only items being sold at this used curriculum sale are items used in actual teaching of Catholic homeschool education/Catholic religion studies. MCH has the final say as to what is allowed and not allowed to be for sale. Any items not allowed by MCH must be removed, no exceptions. You are welcome to contact MCH with questions if you are in doubt as to whether or not an item will be allowed. Note – out dated education items do not sell well and video tapes / cassette tapes do not sell – therefore, we do not sell these items at the sale. I will not be accepting any study materials for the older SAT, PSAT, or ACT as these study materials are now considered outdated with the new versions being taught this new school year.

4. Drop-off Curriculum Guidelines
In order to participate in the sale, you must pre-register. Your name will be put on the registered list as participating in the used curriculum sale during the conference. Email your name and contact information (phone number and email address) to me as already mentioned.

ALL items must be marked and labeled BEFORE you arrive at the sale. Anyone selling items at the used curriculum sale must check-in at the MCH used curriculum sale registration table when arriving before dropping off your books. You will need to check-out with MCH at the end of the conference to receive your sale monies. Please follow all rules for this sale.

5. Cash Sales and Sale Prices
MCH does not negotiate any sale prices at all. Anyone trying to argue a price with MCH will be asked to leave the room (sadly, yes, this has happened to us). All prices are non-negotiable; as we don’t set the prices, the seller does. All sales are final. Also, we will no longer hold items for sale ‘until later’; if you want the item, you will need to buy it then. Sellers, we highly suggest you check your sale items several times during the conference to see if your items are selling; you might need to adjust your price if you want it to sell; MCH does not adjust sale prices for anyone. MCH prefers all sales as cash only. Checks will be allowed only if all information is pre-printed on the check. Checks are payable to the name on the label and not to MCH. Credit cards will not be accepted at the MCH used curriculum sale (some vendors accept credit cards, MCH does not accept credit cards).

6. End of Conference Time / Picking Up Unsold Items and Your Sale Monies
The drop-off curriculum must be picked up on Saturday June 04 by 3:30pm at the end of conference; however, you can pick up your items sooner. When you pick up your un-sold books, you will need to check-out at the MCH used curriculum registration table. At that time, you will receive an envelope with all the index cards from items sold and the cash/checks from your sales. Any unclaimed money will become an automatic donation to MCH, no exceptions. Any books remaining at the site at that time will be considered donated to MCH, no exceptions. Note that we shut our doors promptly at the end of the day’s conference time. Again, you must get there sooner to claim your sales and un-sold curriculum.

7. Donations
MCH does not charge anyone a percentage fee of any kind to sell items at the used curriculum sale! However, please do keep in mind that MCH has fees for conference costs, and any donations to MCH are most appreciated! There will be a donation basket on the MCH used curriculum registration table. If you put your donation in an envelope with a note in it, we will know whom to send a thank you card! However, anonymous donations are greatly appreciated too! The IHM Conference is having a separate donation basket to cover expenses for their conference costs too. Please note that no fees have been charged to anyone for attending the conference so donations are greatly appreciated by IHM and by MCH!

Again, to pre-register for selling at the used curriculum sale –
Email the following information to me at MCH at
Drop-off Seller Information:
You need to state that you are a drop-off seller, and include your name
your cell phone number available during the conference
and include if you will be bringing books on Friday or on Saturday.

Information for Catholic Homeschool Groups/Cooperatives to have flyers at the conference:
MCH is allowing Catholic homeschool groups/cooperatives to have informational flyers about their group available for others to take with them. However, groups/cooperatives will be allowed only single-sheet (can use both sides) take-home printed flyers. You must bring the flyers with you, printers are not available on-site. Please bring the flyers to the MCH used curriculum sale check-in table at the conference. All flyers will be put on one table for people to browse. No bulletin boards or poster boards will be allowed. If you set these up, you will be told to remove them. Flyers will not be allowed anywhere else around the conference. Groups are responsible for taking away all unused flyers at the end of the conference on Saturday.

MCH will have coffee and tea set out for everyone the entire conference time. We never charge for this; however, donations are most appreciated to help cover the cost!
MCH is not a tax-exempt organization. MCH is a private LLC business organization.