Prof. Mary Stanford received her Master of Theological Studies degree from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington, DC.  A married homeschooling mother of six children, Mary occasionally moonlights as an adjunct instructor for the Theology Department of Christendom College, and has spoken in dioceses around the country on the topics of marriage, femininity, contraception, and Christian anthropology.  Besides educating her children academically at home, Mary also enjoys introducing her brood to the joys of cooking, volleyball, and classic movies.


Recorded Talks

Helping Our Kids Converse, Concentrate, and Create in a Culture of Distraction

Prof. Mary Stanford

Giving our children authentically personal communication skills in our shameless, technology-mediated culture can be a daunting challenge. By examining the biblical foundations of human communication, we will witness the formative power of embodied encounter in the life of each person, and discuss ways of creating a culture at home that will truly nurture our children’s gifts.


Communication Technology and Our Kids: What are We Risking?

Prof. Mary Stanford

Managing our children’s use of technology has become a paramount issue for our time. By making a close examination of the nature of human communication, this talk will illustrate some of the serious risks that our culture’s forms of “disembodied communication” pose, as well as encourage parents to maintain an atmosphere at home that is truly worthy of the human person.