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Mrs. Krista Thomas is the devoted wife of Sean for 20 years, mother of three, veteran homeschooling mother, and Catholic convert. Together, they began the homeschooling venture to create a more authentic domestic church within their home. Krista has gleaned much practical experience over the years, proudly navigating through the high school years with their eldest who is currently a student at Christendom College.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Krista moved to the East Coast where she pursued a career in radio broadcasting, newswriting, and business communications. To stay at home with her first child, she started a small business communications company in 1999. During this time, as she began the homeschool journey, Krista realized the need for a community-based homeschool forum in which parents could tap into educational and extracurricular resources. She founded (and later sold) this forum, an online homeschool magazine called Homeschool Frederick!, to educate others about extended opportunities of home education in Greater Frederick, Maryland. She currently serves as the Director of Communications for IHM Conferences.

Krista’s outside passions include homeschool curricula, campfire cooking, cross-country camping, and pro-life awareness. Her enthusiasm is genuine in her quest to share practical advice for others to embrace a successful, faith-centered homeschooling experience.

2018 Speaking Circuit

<strong>Friday, July 20</strong>
Friday, July 20


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How to Be a Homeschool Supermom

Krista Thomas

What does it take to be a Homeschool Supermom? Superpowers, of course–and every homeschool mom is equipped with superpowers to provide an incredibly satisfying Catholic homeschool experience that saves souls! Homeschool dads can have the same powers too.