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Mrs. Krista Thomas, wife of Sean for 25 years, mother of three, veteran homeschooling mother, and Catholic convert, embarked upon the homeschooling venture to create a more authentic domestic church. Krista has gleaned much practical experience over the years, successfully navigating beyond the high school years.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Krista relocated to the East Coast where she pursued a career in radio broadcasting, newswriting, and business communications. Aside from owning (and selling) an online business, she currently serves as the Director of Communications for IHM Conferences.

Krista’s enthusiasm is genuine in her quest to share practical advice for others to embrace a successful, faith-centered homeschooling experience with rewards that last beyond the high school and college years.

2019 Speaking Circuit

<strong>Friday & Saturday, June 21 & 22</strong>
Friday & Saturday, June 21 & 22
<strong>Friday & Saturday, July 26 & 27</strong>
Friday & Saturday, July 26 & 27