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Mrs. Kathleen Wilson is the founder and Director of Mary’s Shelter in Fredericksburg, VA. Mary’s Shelter is a safe, loving option for women who find themselves in need of housing during a crisis pregnancy.

Over the past 9 years, Mary’s Shelter has grown from a two-room apartment into an inspiring community of five shared homes. These homes provide women and their children, both born and unborn, with the unique opportunity of living at Mary’s Shelter for up to three years in order to further their education and/or secure a career, while also attending in house parenting and life skill classes. This ensures women have the necessary time to work towards their goals and provide for their children, making the possibility of independent, stable living a reality. Over 150 women have participated in the Mary’s Shelter program and the ripple effect of receiving unconditional love and support has gone beyond what we can measure, This pro-life ministry, which is rooted in the teachings and profound love of Christ, seeks to offer hope and a chance for a brighter future for women who have made the beautiful choice of life.

Kathleen is a staunch pro-life advocate who has volunteered with several ministries such as Birthright and The Agape home for children with Aids. A native New Yorker, she now lives in Virginia with her husband David. They are the parents of 12 children, both biological and adopted. Kathleen’s family has been a great support and blessing to the Mary’s Shelter ministry since its inception.


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