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Although we love children, attendance is restricted to adults, teens accompanied by an adult, and nursing babies.

St. Peter Catholic Church

6161 Chambersburg Rd
Huber Heights, OH 45424

Friday July 13th, 2012 @ 2:00pm to 8:00pm

Saturday July 14th, 2012 @ 9:00am to 4:00pm

Fr. Shannon Michael Collins was born in 1964 and is a native of Cohasset, MA. After undergraduate and graduate work in history and education, he taught in Catholic schools for a number of years. Having completed his seminary training at St. Philip Neri Seminary in Toronto, Ontario, he was ordained to the priesthood on June 10, 2000.

Father has been a very strong proponent of Catholic homeschooling and, over the years, a very popular speaker at numerous Catholic homeschooling conferences across the United States. He has appeared on EWTN and had previously served as chaplain for the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama. Father is currently a traditional religious priest under Bishop Roger Foys of Covington, Kentucky.
Fr. Sean Kopczynski is currently a traditional religious priest under Bishop Roger Foys of Covington, Kentucky, and had previously served as a chaplain to a monastery of Carmelite nuns.
Dr. Catherine Moran received her B.A. in Biology, Chemistry, and Speech/Hearing Therapy from Kent State University, and her Masters and Ph.D. in Education from Breyer State University. A mother of five, she has over 20 years of homeschooling experience.

She was president of the Catholic Home School Network of America, founder of the Ohio Educators’ Catholic Home Schooling Network, and a member of the CHSNA delegation to Rome on behalf of Catholic Home Education, which visited with Pope John Paul II in 1995 and 1997.

Dr. Moran is a secular Franciscan, and served as prefect of her fraternity for three years. Currently acting as secretary-treasurer of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Byzantine Chapter in Warren, Ohio, she has presented the Fatima message to over 20,000 adults and children in the Northeastern Ohio and Tri-state area.
Mr. Dale Ahlquist is the president of the American Chesterton Society, and has given talks on Chesterton that have delighted audiences around the country and around the world. Mr. Ahlquist has spoken at Yale, Columbia, NYU, Penn State, Villanova, the University of Georgia, the University of Tulsa, the University of Iowa, and many other colleges. He has given talks in England, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada.

Mr. Ahlquist is the author of G.K. Chesterton – The Apostle of Common Sense and Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton. He is also creator and host of the popular “Apostle of Common Sense” television series on EWTN.
Mr. John Clark was homeschooled by his mother, Dr. Mary Kay Clark, for seven years in the 1980’s. He earned a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Christendom College in 1992. He is now a devoted father of nine children, for whom he takes an active role in their homeschool education. He writes one of the most popular Catholic homeschooling columns in America and has spoken at numerous Catholic conferences around the country on the topic of the father’s role in the homeschooling family.

Who’s Got You? Observations of a Catholic Homeschooling Father, John’s first book, was released in 2011. In it, he draws from both his childhood memories of homeschooling in a house with 6 brothers as well as his experience teaching his own children. Filled with both humorous anecdotes of family life and poignant reflections from the heart of a loving father, this book is an enjoyable and helpful guide for homeschooling fathers, as well as anyone who wants to see a portrait of a happy, faithful Catholic family.

In his professional life, John is recognized as one of the foremost experts on the topic of Catholic morality and financial markets. He has been a pioneer in the field of morally responsible investing and was the CEO of Paladin Financial Group for over 15 years. In that capacity, his articles have appeared in such journals as Homiletic and Pastoral Review, The Wanderer, and Latin Mass Magazine. He resides in Front Royal, Virginia, with his wife Lisa and nine children. An avid baseball enthusiast, he is also the former head coach of Christendom College’s baseball team.


IHM accepts vendors by invitation only; if you would like to be considered to be a vendor at the IHM Dayton Conference, please send an email to our Vendor Coordinator at vendors(AT)
If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the first time, please review our Vendor Guidelines.

The following is a complete list of vendors for 2012.

The large used book sale (7 Tables) run by the Dayton Catholic homeschoolers will occur from 4:00pm until 7:00pm on Friday ONLY.

Vendor Name and Description Table Number and Hometown
American Chesterton Society

At the American Chesterton Society, we are doing everything we can to revive an interest in the most unjustly neglected writer of the 20th century. Our goal is to get Chesterton’s words not merely back into print, but back into the classroom and back into the public arena.
1 Table
Minneapolis, MN
Catholic Schools Textbook Project 1 Table
Ventura, CA
Christendom College

Recognized as one of America’s premier Catholic Liberal Arts colleges, Christendom offers its students a fully Catholic education, integrating Faith and Reason, while immersing them in a vibrant and joyful Catholic culture steeped in the ageless traditions of the Church.
1 Table
Front Royal, VA
College of Saint Mary Magdalen

The College of St. Mary Magdalen is a residential Catholic liberal arts college in New Hampshire. The College seeks through the rigorous study and discussion of primary texts through its “Great Books” liberal arts program—and through its vibrantly Catholic student life, to call students to the lifelong pursuit of intellectual and moral virtue.
1 Table
Warner, NH
GRACE Virtual Catholic Education Program

GRACE – Global Rigorous Affordable Catholic Education is an online/virtual provider of core, electives, foreign language, and AP courses for grades 6-12. Our Catholic content within these courses strictly follows the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
1 Table
Cincinnati, OH
Homeschool Lifeline

Hosted by Katie Moran and co-hosted by Terry Arnold, Homeschool Lifeline is a radio program is for all home schooling mothers (or those considering home schooling) looking for information, help, support and guidance in their home schooling endeavor.
1 Table
John Clark 1 Table
LPH Resource Center

The LPH Resource Center has been providing on-line courses for Catholic homeschoolers since 1998. They are recommended for grades 4-8 but are open to any age, and are very inexpensive. Courses include history, geography, Latin, logic, music, and many more.
1 Table
Malvern, PA
Our Lady of Victory School

Since 1977, OLVS has been providing Roman Catholic homeschooling curriculum and publishing our very own line of textbooks (LEPANTO PRESS). The curriculum (including daily lesson plans) used in our homeschooling program is well organized, doctrinally sound and very affordable.
3 Tables
Post Falls, ID
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy

The first Canadian institution recommended by the
Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, OLSWA offers an excellent and affordable post-secondary Catholic liberal arts education in the beauty of rural Canada. We offer one, two, and three-year programs, and have students from across Canada and the U.S. Franciscan university and Christendom College accept our credits.
1 Table
Barry’s Bay, ON, Canada
Precious Life Books

Precious Life Missions is an apostolate to provide Roman Catholic books to the Missions. We support this apostolate through the sale of Catholic Children’s books and books on the Faith for adults.
1 Table
Annapolis, MD
Seton Home Study School

Seton is a full-service Catholic curriculum provider and the largest publisher of Catholic textbooks in the English language. Serving over 15,000 enrolled students, Seton assists families by providing books, lesson plans, grading services, counseling services, and a wealth of online resources. At the conference, we are offering a $30 per child discount on enrollment (grades 1-12).
16 Tables
Front Royal, VA
Seton Used Books

There is only a handful of conferences where Seton sells the used books that families return to us over the year. This two-day only sale is your only chance to pick up these great deals.
3 Tables
Front Royal, VA
St. Augustine Academy Press

At St. Augustine Academy Press, we are committed to bringing you only the best Catholic literature of yesterday and today. our primary focus is the work of Mother Mary Loyola, author of King of the Golden City. We also carry books especially for those who attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.
2 Tables
Lisle, IL
Simply Fun

Simply Fun helps make smarker kids and stronger families with our fun educational family games!
1 Table
Cincinnati, OH
(local rep)
Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks makes math textbooks (3rd grade through Pre-calculus) designed exclusively for homeschoolers. That’s why each of the textbooks in our line contains step-by-step audiovisual solutions to every one of the thousands of assigned problems.
3 Tables
Oklahoma City, OK
The Catholic Shop (OH) 4 Tables


Friday, July 13
Time Speaker Talk
2:00pm Registration/Holy Rosary
2:20pm Dr. Catherine Moran
Homeschooling 101
This is a must for beginning homeschooling parents and parents considering homeschooling their children. The “how to’s” of starting homeschooling and managing your day are covered. If you wish, bring your pad and pencil to take notes, for you are about to embark on one of the most challenging yet fulfilling times of your life!
3:00pm Fr. Shannon Collins
Homeschool Families and the Counter-Revolution
The liberal revolution has completely pushed out the old Christian order. In such a time as this, the good Lord is calling for counter-revolutionaries to restore all things in Christ. Homeschool families are a key ingredient to winning this battle for the soul of the West.
4:00 – 6:00pm Vendor Area Opens/Dinner
6:00pm Mr. John Clark
A, B, C, and Why: The Happiness of Homeschooling
A second-generation homeschooling father of nine, John Clark—following the theme of his book Who’s Got You?—focuses on the “why” of homeschooling. He employs both humor and serious insights to illustrate that educating children at home is one of the most fulfilling things parents can ever do.
7:00pm Fr. Sean Kopczynski
The Book of Tobias: Changing the World through Our Children
There are often more challenging things to do for the improvement of the world in the home than in the world around us. The Book of Tobias is one of God’s guides on how this can be done well. And we know that it was effective since Tobias and his child’s efforts live on to this very day to help people change their lives and provide them consolation.
Saturday, July 14
Time Speaker Talk
9:00am Registration and Holy Rosary
9:30am Mr. John Clark
The Strength of Christ: The Role Model for the Catholic Father
Much of the breakdown in society today has been caused by men forgetting how to be…well, men. This presentation highlights an obvious truth: that the perfect man already exists in Christ. Jesus exhibited various forms of strength and homeschooling fathers can model their strength after the strength of Christ.
10:30am Mr. Dale Ahlquist
What is the Basis of Education?
Many parents who are investigating the possibility of homeschooling wonder how well their children will make the adjustment. This talk will offer a concrete look into that process and how you and your children can renew and refresh a real love of learning together.
11:30am Fr. Shannon Collins
The Hell There Is!
Our proper end in life is neither Harvard University nor even a good Catholic college, but rather Heaven. All our earthly accomplishments would be meaningless if we failed to achieve this goal, for to lose God for all eternity is a loss beyond our imagining. Learn that Hell exists and that it does have real fire.
12:30pm- 2:00pm Vendor Sales/Lunch
2:00pm Dr. Catherine Moran
Boredom: Trivial Nuisance or the Mother of All Problems?

How many times have we heard our children say to us: “Mom! I’m bored!” This very statement by our children is telling us something. We do not want this problem to carry over into the educational aspect of our children’s day-to-day lives. This presentation will cover the problem along with motivational helps for teaching.

3:00pm Mr. Dale Ahlquist
G. K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense

Chesterton was one of the most important Catholic writers of the 20th century: prophetic, profound, and paradoxical. After disappearing from the curriculum for two generations, there is a growing revival of interest in his writings. Delightfully counter-cultural and amazingly timely, Chesterton’s common sense is just the cure for the insane ideas of the modern world.

4:00pm Conference Closes