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Thursday, June 29th, 2017
12:00pm to 6:00pm


St. Mary Catholic Parish
Marian Hall
6853 S. Prince St.
Littleton, CO 80210

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Dr. Ray Guarendi is the father of 10 adopted children, many of whom have been homeschooled. He is a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and nationally syndicated radio and television host. His radio show, “The Doctor Is In,” can be heard weekdays on ETWN Radio….

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Mrs. Virginia Seuffert

Mrs. Virginia (Ginny) Seuffert, a native New Yorker and mother of 12, has been homeschooling for over 20 years! While in New York, Mrs. Seuffert lectured, debated, and wrote a number of articles for the Pro-Life movement. After moving to Illinois, she became a founding member of the Illinois Association of Roman Catholic Home Educators…

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Augustine Institute

The Augustine Institute helps Catholics understand, live, and share their faith. The AI started 12 years ago as a graduate school for the New Evangelization. Today, 400 students are earning their degrees and will go on to be the next wave of teachers and evangelists. We wanted to equip Catholics not just with training, but with tools for the New Evangelization. The Augustine Institute launched FORMED, a state of the art multi-media platform, partnering with Ignatius Press, Catholic Answers, Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire, and Dr. Scott Hahn’s Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology. FORMED now serves thousands of parishes around the world with a growing treasure of Catholic content. The Augustine Institute’s recent merger with Lighthouse Catholic Media makes it one of the largest distributors of inspiring Catholic talks.

Aquinas and More Catholic Gifts

Faithfully Catholic books and gifts to help your family learn and live the Catholic Faith. Homeschooling study guides for the classics to help you teach your older children literature and philosophy.

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is the premier learning toy company dedicated to helping children learn and grow through play that is hands on, child-directed, multi-faceted, safe and fun from ages birth to adult.

Holy Family Resources

We are a family owned and operated apostolate with over 20 years experience dedicated to education and evangelization, and known for our large selection of wholesome and orthodox books, CDs, and DVDs for all ages. Materials focus on family life, prayer, spirituality, and Church Teaching. Take advantage of the CLEARANCE TABLES and enjoy used curriculum books, $1.00 CDs and savings up to 60% off!!!

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Since 1983 HSLDA have been pioneers in the homeschooling movement, and they are still fighting for homeschoolers today. They are the only organization that lobbies on behalf of homeschoolers in Washington D.C. and are a bastion of support, not just providing legal, but also practical, everyday support for 85,000 homeschooling families across the country.

Notes and Quotes

Our study guides for the classic literature and history of Greece, Rome and Old World Europe enable parents to choose a Classical Curriculum for their high school students with confidence. We also have Psalters for use in the Catholic Liturgy (Mass) which can be used by anyone who can read basic music.

Dr. Ray Guarendi

RightStart Mathematics

RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience. The program lessons guide the teacher day-by-day and year-by-year, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics while surpassing state standards.

Seton Home Study School

Seton is a full-service Catholic curriculum provider and the largest publisher of Catholic textbooks in the English language. Serving over 15,000 enrolled students, Seton assists families by providing books, lesson plans, grading services, counseling services, and a wealth of online resources. At the conference, we are offering a $30 per child discount on enrollment (grades 1-12).

Teaching Textbooks

Math curriculum specifically designed for Homeschoolers. Math 3 through Pre-Calculus. Teaching Textbooks is approved by Seton Home Study School as a replacement math curriculum for Saxon Math.

The Diamond Castle Project

The Diamond Castle book and gaming app have an imprimatur from Archbishop Joseph Laumann. It is a spiritual lesson on the soul and will complement any other relgious education curriculum you use for your children.

Usborne Books and More

We put the best educational children’s books into the hands of children everywhere. The books range from birth to highschool and beyond.

Wyoming Catholic College

Wyoming Catholic College offers a liberal arts education in three dimensions—mind, body, and spirit. We accomplish this by immersion: immersion in the profound truth of our Western tradition in the Great Books; immersion in the challenging beauty of mountains and wilderness in our Outdoor Leadership Program; and immersion in the divine goodness of our Catholic spiritual heritage in liturgy, sacraments, and community. Wyoming Catholic is also the the closest Newman Guide College to Denver, just 6 hours away, and offers four-year, full-tuition scholarships for Colorado students each year.

Thursday, June 29

12:00pm – Registration/Vendor Area Opens

12:45pm – 1:30pm

Why You Should Homeschool and Why You Must Persevere

Virginia Seuffert

Government schools are more troubled than ever before, frequently graduating students unprepared to assume their roles as the next generation of citizens. Veteran homeschooler Ginny Seuffert will explain why homeschooling may be the best answer.

2:00pm – 2:45pm

You’re a Better Parent Than You Think!

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Anyone who works with children today is having his confidence, peace of mind, and authority undercut by widespread myths of “experts” and the media. Dr. Ray identifies several of the most pervasive of these myths, and helps moms and dads realize they are better parents and teachers than they might think.

3:15pm – 4:00pm

Overcoming the Hurdles of Homeschooling

Ginny Seuffert

Some of the toughest hurdles in homeschooling can be corrected with calm and confident parenting. This talk offers some insight into just what might be holding us back and how some easy, common sense adjustments will make all the difference.

4:30pm – 5:15pm

Fighting Mad: Practical Solutions for Overcoming Anger

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Are you angry? Why? How does your anger impact the other members of your family? Dr. Ray cuts through the psychobabble to present a realistic picture of anger and other emotional issues, and then offers practical solutions for overcoming them.

6:00pm – Conference Ends