Mrs. Celeste Behe has a rare perspective on parenting and family life. She has nine kids and no dishwasher. She started homeschooling 27 years ago. And she has continued to homeschool through 10,619 extra-large loads of laundry.

In the Behes’ domestic church, the phrase “smells and bells” means that dinner is burnt and the smoke alarm is ringing. It’s no wonder that Celeste keeps busy putting out fires both literal and figurative. In her scant free moments, she writes for the National Catholic Register, Today’s Catholic Teacher, and Catholic Digest. She is also a contributor to the Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion (Ave Maria Press, 2016). An award-winning Toastmaster who loves to gab, Celeste has been a guest on the Son Rise Morning Show, Register Radio, and The Catholic Foodie, and was a featured presenter in the 2015 Catholic Conference 4 Moms.

Celeste believes there is nothing as joyful as the Catholic life, so she has founded a speaking apostolate, A Perpetual Jubilee, to spread that message. A Perpetual Jubilee takes its name from the words of St. Theophane Venard: “Be merry, really merry. The life of a true Christian should be a perpetual jubilee, a prelude to the festivals of eternity.” Celeste speaks on Italian Catholic traditions, the fun of cooking for a large Catholic family, and how to stay merry when the dog eats your kitchen Madonna.

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Beating Mompostor Syndrome: How to Defeat Self-Doubt

Celeste Behe

Do you ever feel as though you were “faking it” as a mother? Are you afraid that others will discover that you aren’t half the mom they thought you were? Do you often find yourself second-guessing your decisions as a parent? Recovering Mompostor™ Celeste Behe shows how you can defeat self-doubt, take back your vocation, and save the world!