Ginny Seuffert

Mrs. Virginia “Ginny” Seuffert, a native New Yorker and mother of 12, has been homeschooling for over 20 years! While in New York, Mrs. Seuffert lectured, debated, and wrote a number of articles for the Pro-Life movement. After moving to Illinois, she became a founding member of the Network of Illinois Association of Roman Catholic Home Educators, helped establish the “Round Table” (a Catholic home school leadership discussion group), and became a founder and officer of the Catholic Home School Network of America.

In addition to appearing on EWTN, she is a frequent guest on Catholic radio, lectures at Catholic family conferences all over the United States and Canada, and has authored hundreds of articles on such topics as home education, teaching children the virtues, and household management. The Illinois Press Association awarded her first place honors for a column she wrote defending traditional family values in her community newspaper. The Seton Magazine regularly features her columns, and Seton Press published her four books, Ginny’s Gems: Home Management Essentials, Ginny’s Gems: 10 Essentials for Teaching Your Preschooler at Home, It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way, and Your Child Can Change the World!.

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2017 Speaking Circuit

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Recorded Talks

Your Children Can Change the World: How to Prepare Them for Leadership

Ginny Seuffert

This talk takes 14 themes found in expensive private prep schools to place kids in positions of power and influence (identified by John Taylor Gatto), and adapts them to apply to homeschooling families so you can prepare your children for leadership in society, business, and government.


Overcoming the Hurdles of Homeschooling

Ginny Seuffert

Some of the toughest hurdles in homeschooling can be corrected with calm and confident parenting. This talk offers some insight into just what might be holding us back and how some easy, common sense adjustments will make all the difference.


Put Excellence at the Center of Your Curriculum

Ginny Seuffert

Faith binds us together, but Catholic homeschooling parents often differ when choosing curriculum and teaching styles. Learn why excellence should be at the center of every homeschooling home, and how to foster it in yours.


5 Steps to Better Behavior

Ginny Seuffert

Often homeschooling succeeds or fails based on students’ behavior. Discipline can be tough to enforce, but is not complicated to understand. Ginny offers five simple ideas to get you started.


Featured Book

Book 3 cover

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way 

For years parents have listened to author, lecturer, and homeschool veteran, Ginny Seuffert pound home the notion that clear, confident, and consistent parenting is the key to successful homeschooling. Often parents would tell her, “I just wish I could bring you home with me. My kids just don’t want to listen or obey.” Now you can bring Ginny Seuffert to your home. This little book is short, sweet, and to the point. It is chock-full of practical, common sense advice that has worked successfully for generations of parents. Ginny’s experience as a mother of 12 and grandmother of 18 shines through topics including: how to call a truce in the mealtime and bedtime wars, good manners, proper church behavior, building a responsible and industrious work ethic, avoiding overindulgence, and much more.