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Melissa Savage resides in North Carolina with her husband, Jerome, and their six children.

The Savages began homeschooling after realizing the public school system would not work for their oldest, Thomas. Melissa was reluctant to homeschool because she thought she lacked what it would take to accomplish the task. As it turns out, God has given her what she needed at every stage.

Each one of her children has unique needs, and she is a very effective force in their education. She has become very proficient in keeping several balls in the air all at the same time, but she would be the first to tell you that she doesn’t see it that way.

Melissa and Jerome have an inspiring dedication to the Catholic Church and are involved in many ministries. Melissa is now a regular speaker at IHM Homeschool Conferences.

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2018 Speaking Circuit

<strong>Friday, June 8</strong>
Friday, June 8
<strong>Friday & Saturday, June 22 & 23</strong>
Friday & Saturday, June 22 & 23
<strong>Friday & Saturday, July 6 & 7</strong>
Friday & Saturday, July 6 & 7


Recorded Talks

Homeschooling Expectations vs. Reality

Melissa Savage

When you start out homeschooling, you have an image of what it will be like for you and your kids. You jump on this journey and throw your whole self into it, sometimes with blinders on. What happens when your child hits a speed bump, or if your family hits potholes along this journey? How do you pull yourself back together, find your way, and form a new plan?