Fr. Martin Fox was born in 1962 and is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Although he was born a Catholic, he considers himself to be a revert to the Catholic Faith. After attending the University of Cincinnati, he got involved in Bible Study, and eventually joined an Assembly of God congregation and — long story short — found his way back to the Catholic Faith ten years later.

When Fr. Fox was 34, and pursuing a professional career in Northern Virginia, a priest invited him to think about joining the priesthood. To his surprise, the idea began to grow, until he found himself entering the seminary of Cincinnati. Fr. Fox was ordained in 2003.

Fr. Fox has been the pastor of St. Remy Catholic Church in Russia, Ohio, for four years. He also serves as the president of the National Pro Life Alliance.

2018 Speaking Circuit

<strong>Thursday & Friday, June 29 & 30</strong>
Thursday & Friday, June 29 & 30