Father Jeffrey Kirby is author of "Lord Teach Us to Pray"

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Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is a priest of the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina. He is the Host of the national Christian formation program Doors of Mercy. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate in moral theology from the Holy Cross University in Rome, with research on the natural moral law and conscience formation.

Prior to his doctoral work, Fr. Kirby served as the Vicar of Vocations and the Founding Director of the Drexel House: Catholic Residence for Men. In his vocations work, Fr. Kirby guided hundreds of men and women in the spiritual life and through the process of discernment. From these experiences, he wrote the book Lord, Teach Us to Pray.

Fr. Kirby attended seminary at the Pontifical North American College. He is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. Additionally, he holds a Master’s Degree in Bioethics from from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

Fr. Kirby is a friend to Catholic media, and has been on EWTN, CatholicTV, and Salt and Light, three of the largest Catholic television networks in the world. He has also been on the BBC, NPR, and ABC to discuss various issues relating to the Church.

As a parish priest, Fr. Kirby was known for his support to homeschooling families, as an advocate for homeschool curriculum, and as an organizer of homeschool family associations.

Fr. Kirby grew up in West Germany while his father served multiple tours with the US Army in that country, and he himself served in the National Guard with an Honorable Discharge upon completion of his enlistment. Fr. Kirby has run two marathons, and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice by boat! He’s a former English tutor to the Pontifical Swiss Guard, tour guide of St. Peter’s Basilica, and all around pasta/Italian food connoisseur!

Currently, Fr. Kirby is working with noted author and theologian Dr. Paul Thigpen on a Christian formation program entitled, Luke: The Gospel of Mercy to be released in the late summer (Pre-Orders available through St. Benedict Press).


2017 Speaking Circuit

<strong>Friday & Saturday, June 23 & 24</strong>
Friday & Saturday, June 23 & 24

<strong>Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13</strong>
Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13

<strong>Friday & Saturday, May 19 & 20</strong>
Friday & Saturday, May 19 & 20

<strong>Friday, May 26</strong>
Friday, May 26


Recorded Talks

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Prayer Life

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

We all know that we are supposed to pray, and many of us want to pray. Oftentimes, we try and then things come up and our prayer life slips away. This workshop provides practical steps on how to pray (and keep praying). It gives a theology from the trenches and is aimed to help us all become better people of prayer.


Mercy and the Drama of Salvation

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

This talk describes the story of salvation history from the perspective of God’s mercy. The covenant and the drama of humanity’s relationship with God throughout time is described within the scope and passion of God’s goodness and mercy.




Featured Book

Book cover

Lord, Teach Us to Pray: A Guide to the Spiritual Life and Christian Discipleship

Echoing the petition of the disciples, Lord, teach us to pray, this book guides the reader through the challenges of discipleship and the various stages of prayer. Fr. Kirby lovingly and expertly examines this crucial petition, shedding light on its three parts the call to follow the Lord, to live virtuously, and to pray while laying out a course for growing in discipleship and strengthening the interior life.