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This conference is co-sponsored by
Christendom College.

Thursday April 3rd, 2014 @ 12:00pm to 8:00pm


Embassy Suites Jacksonville – Baymeadows
(Just down the street from Holy Family Catholic Church)

9300 Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Mrs. Colleen Hammond is the author of Dressing with Dignity, and was a former On-Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel, a model, actress and Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager. Colleen lived the “American Dream” and found it to be a nightmare! While working in television, she reverted to the Catholic Faith. The moment their first baby was born, Colleen “saw the light” and abandoned her highly successful career in television to become a stay-at-home-mother. Currently heard as a host of “St. Joseph Radio Presents”—available to 85 million people worldwide on WEWN—Colleen has also been asked to host a television talk show in Dallas, which may soon be syndicated.

Colleen is an award-winning writer, radio and television talk show host, educator, comedienne, and mother—all rolled into one! Acclaimed for her versatility, she delivers an enduring message filled with down-to-earth wisdom, inspiration, and humor. Colleen brings a fresh and creative approach to living joyfully, and has helped thousands of people every year to make positive and virtuous changes in their lives. A frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, and parish events, Colleen addresses such timely issues as marriage, children, family, and values and virtues. Groups appreciate her real-life solutions to tough problems—presented with compassion, warmth, and a lively interactive style.

Colleen, her husband, and their four children currently reside in North Texas.
Lt. Col. Antony B. Kolenc, USAF, Retired is an Assistant Professor of Law at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, where he teaches Constitutional Law. He retired in 2012 from the United States Air Force, where he served as a firefighter and intelligence officer prior to completing his law degree at the University of Florida College of Law and serving out the rest of his military career in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps.

Tony is a columnist for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, where his monthly column, “Legally Speaking,” addresses important legal issues for homeschooling families. He has published law-related articles in both professional law journals and magazines. He is also the author of several published short stories and The Chronicles of Xan trilogy, a historical fiction series for youth. He speaks and writes on a variety of legal subjects, including the First Amendment, military policy, and homeschooling. A father of one boy and four girls, Tony and his wife, Alisa, have been involved in homeschooling for over a decade. As a prosecutor and defense attorney, Tony presented hundreds of written and oral arguments before military courts, as well as the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. He taught law at the U.S. Air Force Academy and litigated employment law cases before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Merit Systems Protection Board. He also represented the Air Force in a First Amendment challenge to the Air Force Academy’s National Prayer Luncheon.

Born and raised in New Jersey, military service gave Tony and his family the opportunity to experience life throughout America, including Texas, Virginia, Florida, California, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland. He currently resides with his family in Florida.
Dr. Catherine Moran received her B.A. in Biology, Chemistry, and Speech/Hearing Therapy from Kent State University, and her Masters and Ph.D. in Education from Breyer State University. A mother of five, she has over 20 years of homeschooling experience.

She was president of the Catholic Home School Network of America, founder of the Ohio Educators’ Catholic Home Schooling Network, and a member of the CHSNA delegation to Rome on behalf of Catholic Home Education, which visited with Pope John Paul II in 1995 and 1997.

Dr. Moran is a secular Franciscan, and served as prefect of her fraternity for three years. Currently acting as secretary-treasurer of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Byzantine Chapter in Warren, Ohio, she has presented the Fatima message to over 20,000 adults and children in the Northeastern Ohio and Tri-state area.
Domenico_portraitwebMr. Domenico Ruggiero holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Florida and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering – Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida. For most of his professional career, Domenico has worked at or near the NASA Kennedy Space Center. He has worked on the Space Shuttle Program as an Orbiter Structures Engineer for United Space Alliance. Currently he works for a large government consulting firm where he has held many roles such as a Systems Engineer on the NASA Constellation Program and the NASA Commercial Crew Transportation Systems Program. More recently, he works as a data analyst & productivity automation expert for a wide variety of government agencies and departments.

As blessed as Domenico has been professionally, the far-greater honor comes from the other “hats” that he wears – namely husband and father. Domenico and his wife, Sonia, are proud parents to 3 young boys. In addition to the importance of close personal relationships with his wife and sons, he strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance so that he can impress upon the children other practical skills in addition to their homeschool academics such as outdoor skills, physical fitness, craftsmanship, gardening, sports, community service, and entrepreneurship. Related efforts have focused on establishing a Catholic homestead for his family.

Domenico is a fired-up “revert” to the Catholic faith and has cast-off the notion of being a “cafeteria Catholic” long ago. Now armed with the fullness of the truth found within the Catholic Church, he engages in online debates against secular forces on moral matters of political and social interest.

Recognized as a proficient public speaker on a variety of topics, Domenico often speaks at the Space Florida Undergraduate Academy where he gives advice to young men and women on obtaining a job and advancing within their careers. He has proudly delivered two online webinars for Homeschool Connections. On LinkedIn, he is the founder and manager of the “Catholic Dads and our Domestic Church” and “Catholic Homeschoolers” networking groups as well as a regular discussion contributor on the “Catholic Professionals” group. Mr. Domenico Ruggiero is a high-performing, ambitious and self-motivating individual. He is also a responsible family-man with a strong work ethic and high standards of integrity. His moral compass is strongly guided by his orthodox Catholic faith. He gives thanks to God for all of his talents and entrusts his whole life to His guidance.

IHM accepts vendors by invitation only; if you would like to be considered to be a vendor at the IHM Jacksonville Conference, please send an email to our Vendor Coordinator at vendors(AT)
If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the first time, please review our Vendor Guidelines.

The following is a list of vendors for 2014 who have confirmed so far. For an idea of what to expect, click here for last year’s final vendor listing.

Vendor Name and Description Table Number and Hometown
Colleen Hammond 1 Table
Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections is a Catholic online curriculum provider, bringing the best Catholic instructors to you from around the world. Answering Blessed John Paul II’s call to the New Evangelization, Homeschool Connections uses the latest technology to give you live, interactive classes; independent-learning classes; free webinars for Catholic parents; and the Catholic History Video Project.
1 Table
Keller, TX
Homeschool Lifeline 1 Table
John Paul Too Catholic Books and Gifts 11 Tables
Clearwater, FL
Lt. Col. Antony Kolenc 1 Table
Pauline Books and Media

Pauline Books and Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of St. Paul, Catholic sisters dedicated to evangelization with the media. We have a wide variety of books, CD’s, DVD’s and posters.
2 Tables
Charleston, SC
Pius Media

Pius Media is a Catholic DVD Rental Membership website. Using the familiar DVD-by-mail model like Netflix, we provide families with saint movies, children’s movies, educational tools, apologetics, Catholic-friendly Hollywood movies, and wholesome television series. Pius Media brings the Catholic faith and entertainment together in one place so that your family can learn and grow.
1 Table
Jacksonville, FL
Seton Home Study School

Seton is a full-service Catholic curriculum provider and the largest publisher of Catholic textbooks in the English language. Serving over 15,000 enrolled students, Seton assists families by providing books, lesson plans, grading services, counseling services, and a wealth of online resources. At the conference, we are offering a $30 per child discount on enrollment (grades 1-12).
10 Tables
Front Royal, VA
Teaching Textbooks

Math curriculum specifically designed for Homeschoolers. Math 3 through Pre-Calculus. Teaching Textbooks is an approved alternative math course for the Seton Home Study School program. Certain conditions apply; contact Seton high school counselor for details!
2 Tables
Oklahoma City, OK

Schedule graphic

Time Speaker Talk
12:00 Noon Registration/Vendor Area Opens
12:30pm Dr. Catherine Moran
Dr. MoranDiscovering and Implementing Your Child’s Learning Style

What do you do when your child just can’t seem to continue with his lessons? Various learning styles and methods for teaching reading, writing, and mathematics will be explored. Learn how to identify and establish the necessary core foundation for your child with numerous practical tips.
1:30pm Lt. Col. Antony Kolenc
Antony KolencCommon Core and Race to the Top: Should Homeschoolers Be Afraid?

The homeschooling community is up in arms over President Obama’s apparent push to standardize the curriculum in public schools throughout the nation. The Common Core State Standards Initiative has united homeschool and private school advocates against this effort. But what, if anything, should homeschooling families worry about?
2:30pm Mrs. Colleen Hammond
Hammond.Colleen webTeaching Values to Your Children

This talk offers ideas and suggestions on how parents can help children’s all-around development. It discusses which virtues to focus on at a particular age in a child’s development.
3:30pm Mr. Domenico Ruggiero
Domenico_portraitwebOne Small Step for Parents, One Giant Leap for Homeschool Kids

Before human beings could ever set foot on the moon, goals had to be set, the means to get there had to be developed, and many challenges had to be overcome. Drawing upon that analogy, a NASA engineer and Catholic homeschooling father will show how families should have Heaven in their sights and they need the best means to get there combined with the determination to overcome the challenges along the way.
4:30 – 6:00pm Vendor Sales/Dinner
6:00pm Dr. Catherine Moran
Dr. MoranOverwhelmed, Unmotivated, Disobedient, or Just Plain Lazy?

Is your child struggling to learn, or avoiding it? Are there days when teaching your child turns into “who’s in control–me or my child?” We all want our children to be obedient and diligent, especially where their studies are concerned. Learn some helpful tips on how to teach these virtues to your children.
7:00pm Mrs. Colleen Hammond
Hammond.Colleen webPutting Your Best Foot Forward

Does it seem that your child can never remember to say please or thank you? How about learning to greet guests politely, or answering the phone? This talk will answer some frequently-asked questions on raising children with manners.
8:00pm Conference Ends