Saturday, May 12
Time Speaker Talk
9:30am Registration/Vendor Area Opens
10:00am Dr. Catherine Moran
Discovering and Implementing Your Child’s Learning Style
What do you do when your child just can’t seem to continue with his lessons? Various learning styles and methods for teaching reading, writing, and mathematics will be explored. Learn how to identify and establish the necessary core foundation for your child with numerous practical tips.
11:00am Can. Andreas Hellmann
St. Francis de Sales and Education in General
A good education, far from being a simplistic concept, is a multitude of efforts aiming at one goal: the full development of the human person. The great bishop, mystic, and spiritual director St. Francis de Sales can help parents to protect their precious children without crushing their personality or creativity, to correct without discouraging, and to inspire toward the greatness for which God created them.
Noon- 1:30pm Vendor Sales/Lunch
1:30pm Dr. Catherine Moran
Overwhelmed, Unmotivated, Disobedient, or Just Plain Lazy?
Is your child struggling to learn, or avoiding it? Are there days when teaching your child turns into “who’s in control–me or my child?” We all want our children to be obedient and diligent, especially where their studies are concerned. Learn some helpful tips on how to teach these virtues to your children.
2:00pm Fr. Jewel Aytona
Mirroring the Holy Family
During this talk, we will look at the family life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and how we can imitate their heroic sacrifices and examples and apply them in the home as the Domestic Church.
4:00pm Conference Closes