Colleen Billing

Mrs. Colleen Billing is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Interpersonal Communication and a minor in the teaching of English. After teaching high school Speech and English for several years in the city of Chicago, she retired to start her family, and is currently in her 17th year of homeschooling her own 5 children.

One of Colleen’s life-long dreams of helping others live a peaceful, clutter-free life, was realized in 2006 when she started her own professional organizing business called, Peaceful Interiors. In addition to helping people organize their homes, Colleen is also a National Conference Speaker who encourages thousands of parents all over the country, and gives tips for organizing every area of their homes and lives. She has also served as a retreat master, workshop organizer, radio-guest on several national radio programs, and has been featured in multiple video episodes for ‘Women’s Forum’, an online community for women featuring tips on parenting, living a healthy lifestyle, and getting organized!.

Colleen has been married to her husband Andrew for 25 years, and they are both permanently professed members of the Franciscan-based community, the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.

2017 Speaking Circuit





Recorded Talks

15 Important Things I’ve Learned in 15 years of Homeschooling

Colleen Billing

This will be a high energy talk with everything from teaching our kids how to pray, to mom taking care of herself, to frequenting the sacraments, to saying NO to too many extracurricular activities.


The Beauty and Necessity of Routines

Colleen Billing

This talk will present the importance of night, morning, school, and other routines, and how helpful they can be in allowing us to school our children effectively, as well as live more peaceful and balanced lives. This talk will be very practical for all moms, regardless of where they are in their homeschooling journey.