Time Speaker Talk
1:00pm Registration/Vendor Area Opens
2:30pm Welcome Address/Holy Rosary
3:00pm Sr. Mary Joseph Heisler
Saying Yes to God
Don’t be fooled by the title or the religious speaker – this talk is not about a religious vocation. It is about the purpose of our existence; it is about becoming a saint. But be prepared; saints love radically, holding nothing back. Are you ready to give all to the One who has given ALL HIS LOVE to you?
4:00pm Mr. John Jansen
Making the Case for Life
Have you ever been in a conversation about abortion and found yourself struggling to defend your pro-life beliefs? You’re not alone! This presentation looks at the most common arguments used by abortion supporters and explains how to respond from a pro-life point of view.
5:00 – 7:00pm Vendor Sales/Dinner
7:00pm Mrs. Sharee Langenstein
Free to be Catholic
Recently, Catholics have had to battle some major governmental threats to the right of conscience. In this fun and informative discussion, teens and adults will learn more about the First Amendment, freedom of religion, and defending our most basic rights.
8:00pm Fr. Paul Stein
Catholic American or American Catholic?
This talk will help prepare teens for the future to live as faithful Catholics in a challenging culture by explaining the Catholic principles of citizenship.
Time Speaker Talk
8:00am Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at SS. Peter and Paul
8:30am Registration/Breakfast
10:00am Mr. Ryan Essington
Stay on Track, Maximize Your Time!
When schoolwork, chores, and extracurricular activities seem to consume your life, it’s important to prioritize and manage time wisely. This time-tested five-step method of staying on track will encourage an ordered, joy-filled day that gives the freedom to live life abundantly.
11:00am Fr. Richard Simon
Martyrdom in the Third Millennium
Catholics and other Christians are suffering and dying for the Faith right now. Relevant Radio’s Fr. Richard Simon will tell you their inspiring stories and how we are all called to give our lives for Christ.
Noon – 2:00pm Vendor Sales/Lunch
2:00pm Miss Bethany Collins
Reflections from the Mission Field
Miss Bethany Collins spent several months living in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, along with her family. She will share her experiences and reflect on how they have shaped her life and view of the world.
3:00pm Mr. Ryan Essington
Breaking the Mold
In a world where culture works to mold us into anything other than the dignified children of God that we are, we must stand as lights in the darkness, break the mold of cultural expectations, and live countercultural lives. Don’t fall prey to the lies of our culture, but break the mold and learn what it means to be a saint of the third millennium.
4:00pm Conference Ends