Celeste Behe

Mrs. Celeste Behe is a senior writer for Catholic Digest, a blogger for the National Catholic Register, and a columnist for CatholicMom.com. A member of the Catholic Press Association, Celeste has discussed her articles on both the Son Rise Morning Show and Register Radio, and has also been a guest on Catholic Foodie.

As the mother of nine homeschooled children, Celeste has a rare perspective on parenting, family life, and the importance of keeping up with the laundry. In her family’s domestic church, “smells and bells” means that dinner is burnt and the smoke alarm is ringing. Celeste shares her unique experience in relatable, engaging talks that highlight both the joys and the challenges of Catholic family life.

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2017 Speaking Circuit

<strong>Friday, April 28</strong>
Friday, April 28

<strong>Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13</strong>
Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13


Recorded Talks

Beating Mompostor Syndrome: How to Defeat Self-Doubt

Celeste Behe

Do you ever feel as though you were “faking it” as a mother? Are you afraid that others will discover that you aren’t half the mom they thought you were? Do you often find yourself second-guessing your decisions as a parent? Recovering Mompostor™ Celeste Behe shows how you can defeat self-doubt, take back your vocation, and save the world!