IHM Conferences strive to give you access to inspiring Catholic homeschool veterans, encouraging priests, insightful Catholic speakers, and the best collection of Catholic homeschool curricula and materials around.

Homeschooling is a courageous choice, and we are happy and honored to offer whatever support we can. Most importantly, however, is the support that homeschooling families can offer each other. These conferences are a great way for you to meet many of the Catholic homeschoolers in your area—to make new connections and hopefully make new friends.

<strong>Saturday, June 1</strong>
Saturday, June 1
<strong>Thursday & Friday, June 13 & 14</strong>
Thursday & Friday, June 13 & 14
<strong>Friday & Saturday, June 21 & 22</strong>
Friday & Saturday, June 21 & 22
<strong>Friday, July 12</strong>
Friday, July 12
<strong>Thursday & Friday, July 18 & 19</strong>
Thursday & Friday, July 18 & 19
<strong>Friday & Saturday, July 26 & 27</strong>
Friday & Saturday, July 26 & 27